Tools :: Remedy

With the increasing popularity of online video content consumption, music industry professionals are seeking new ways to increase their artists’ reach, fan engagement, and ultimately, generate revenue. Social media channels […] The post Tools :: Remedy appeared first on Music Ally. Source: Music ally

Report: Amazon will spend $15bn on video programming in 2022

Bloomberg Intelligence looks into how much money the biggest tech firms are spending on content for their video streaming services. The post Report: Amazon will spend $15bn on video programming in 2022 appeared first on Music Ally. Source: Music ally

Swedish startup Staccs preps music concerts streaming service

A lot has been written about the growth of livestreamed music performances during the Covid-19 pandemic – including some shows that were pre-recorded. Meanwhile, some artists and labels with archives of past concerts have been exploring YouTube as a way to keep fans entertained, including using its premieres feature to turn them into social events. Now […]

Survey suggests Disney+ has been a huge hit in the US

In its last financial earnings call, Disney said that it ended 2019 with 26.5 million paid subscribers for its Disney+ video streaming service, representing a very strong start in the US. Now, ahead of its rollout in Europe, Variety has some new stats that point even more towards Disney+ being a huge hit back home. “Approximately 50% of American […]

Allthestreams·fm stunt hacks US subscription video-streaming

As we’ve noted before, the video streaming landscape is very different to the music streaming world, where bar the odd exception, every service has all the music. For video, it’s more a case of many different TV and film subscription services fighting tooth and nail to secure exclusives (easier if they were the original producer […]

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