TikTok wants more artists to join its Commercial Music Library

Labels have sued brands who use their music in their content on TikTok and other social networks without a proper sync licence. The post TikTok wants more artists to join its Commercial Music Library appeared first on Music Ally. Source: Music ally

Freshsound raises €2m for its self-serve sync licensing service

Swedish startup Freshsound launched its sync licensing platform in 2021, with the aim of helping clients in advertising, films, TV and games to speed up the process of clearing commercial tracks. Having raised a €1.3m pre-seed funding round in 2022, now it has closed another round: €2m. The post Freshsound raises €2m for its self-serve […]

Cyanite debuts tech for ‘complex text input’ music searching

Cyanite’s latest music-search tech involves complex text input” using natural language, like the latest crop of text-to-image AIs. The post Cyanite debuts tech for ‘complex text input’ music searching appeared first on Music Ally. Source: Music ally

Trevanna Tracks and Soundmouse team up in sync partnership

We recently covered a report published by Synchtank focusing on the “fiendish mass of complexities” around sync licensing and reporting. The post Trevanna Tracks and Soundmouse team up in sync partnership appeared first on Music Ally. Source: Music ally

Viberate explores the Netflix effect for artist Sofia Carson

Analytics firm Viberate has been digging into the Netflix bump for artist and actor Sofia Carson, star of Purple Hearts. The post Viberate explores the Netflix effect for artist Sofia Carson appeared first on Music Ally. Source: Music ally

SoundOut launches OnBrand music-search tool for marketers

There’s a giant haystack of music out there, with every brand searching for the needles that will work best for their campaigns. The post SoundOut launches OnBrand music-search tool for marketers appeared first on Music Ally. Source: Music ally

The Sandbox guide to… Catalogue Sync

Catalogue music is having a moment: a full third of Spotify’s weekly Top Songs are now catalogue tracks, and catalogue syncs – Kate Bush, we’re looking at you – have been big news this year. Catalogue music brings with it mood, authenticity, pedigree – and money… but only if you get it right.  So how can you […]

The Sandbox Guide to.. The future of sync, and what it means for you

Today, hundreds of thousands of artists release music and an equally huge number of content creators require music for their output. Sync has become a more nuanced instrument for all involved – and one that’s still a moneymaker and a powerful marketing tool. We’re taking a look at how sync has changed, what the real needs […]

Various Positions (A&R + Sync Licensing) – Opposition – USA/Remote

In an industry often favoring major labels and traditional music deal structures, Opposition stands in the corner of the artist, offering the tools and support that allow artists to maintain control of their music and creative journey. Opposition works with artists to diversify their revenue through a suite of tailored services, including distribution & label […]

Music Ally Startup Files: Mime takes the music business hyper-local

Made In Memphis Entertainment (Mime), launched in 2015, has a quietly radical idea at its core: ‘disruptive decentralisation’. It’s about creating a root-and-branch alternative to the traditional music business structure. And the company is starting local, in Memphis, Tennessee. At present, Mime’s family of companies includes Beatroot Music, the only Black-owned music distributor in the […]

Music Ally Startup Files: SyncFloor aims to shake up the sync market

Kirt Debique met his SyncFloor co-founder Cestjon McFarland during a 20-year stint at Microsoft. Immersed in the Seattle music scene, he left the tech giant to start a label (Brick Lane records, named after his favourite part of London) when the music industry was struggling. “I spotted the bottom of the trough of the last […]

Rick Astley’s ‘Never Gonna Give You Up’ is now a Fortnite emote

We confess to smiling at a YouTube video published from the official Fortnite channel (then shared on socials) titled ‘Watch How This Bear Made The Unlikeliest Of Friends’. The video is a rickroll: anyone clicking through will see Fortnite’s Fishstick and Polar Patroller characters (aka the fish and the polar bear) dancing to Rick Asley’s […]

Big Sync Music expands into four new markets

Last February, music licensing platform Songtradr acquired UK-based Big Sync Music, which focuses on sourcing music for brand campaigns. The following month, Songtradr raised a $12m Series B round of funding to help it expand globally. Now the company has announced that Big Sync Music is launching in four new markets – Australia, New Zealand, France and Germany. Big […]

Reeperbahn Festival day one: Copyright, Brexit and more

Authenticity, Copyright law, and – oh yes – Brexit were all on the agenda during the first day of conference sessions at the Reeperbahn Festival in Hamburg. In an era where perceived authenticity counts for so much, songwriters composing for clients who want songs for adverts might be asked to create songs that fulfil two […]

New music revenues in India, from sync to digital merch

On the first day of the All About Music conference in Mumbai, IMI boss Blaise Fernandes cited an “underexploited” public performance market as one of the drivers of growth that will help steer India in its quest to become one of the world’s top ten biggest music markets by 2022. On the second day, at […]

Sandbox Issue 222: SYNC IN. Music Synchronisation Gets Smarter

Lead: as synchronisation grows in importance, a new wave of tools is emerging to make that whole process work seamlessly and smarter, covering both micro-licensing and pitch management. We look at the key players here, what they do and where they are taking synch – plus consider how AI is set to shake things up […]

Songtradr buys music-licensing agency Big Sync Music

There is more consolidation afoot in the music-licensing world, with Songtradr announcing yesterday that it has acquired British firm Big Sync Music. The latter company focuses on sourcing music for brand campaigns, and counts Dove, Samsung, Amazon, Johnnie Walker and Axe among its clients. Songtradr intends to combine the agency’s contacts and knowledge with its […]

Independent labels optimistic about sync opportunities in 2019

The UK’s independent-music trade body AIM is preparing for its first AIM Sync global sync-licensing conference, which takes place in London on 28 January. Ahead of the event, some of the speakers told Music Ally about their hopes for sync-licensing in 2019, from an independent perspective. The tone was one of optimism, with labels seeing […]

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