Spotify for Artists Marquee: made for marketing music to the right listeners

This article on Spotify for Artists Marquee is Partner Content. Marquee by Spotify for Artists is a powerful marketing tool – ideal for artists, managers, and labels to promote their new releases. Marquee is specifically created to market music, and stands out from other digital marketing tools in two vital ways: firstly, by targeting listeners based […]

Spotify 2022 Artist Wrapped: making the most of your remarkable year

This article on Spotify Artist Wrapped is Partner Content. With the year coming to a close, it’s time for artists to look back on all the progress they have made in 2022. Today, Spotify has launched 2022 Artist Wrapped, which offers artists a look at all the progress they’ve made over the last year with […]

Spotify may withhold royalties for ‘artificial streams’

If artists and their teams needed another warning not to pay companies promising to artificially inflate their streaming numbers, Spotify is providing it. The post Spotify may withhold royalties for ‘artificial streams’ appeared first on Music Ally. Source: Music ally

Spotify for Artists is now for their labels too

The Spotify for Artists dashboard is no longer just for artists. “We’re bringing artist teams, labels and distributors to Spotify for Artists so you can manage your profile, see and analyze your data and pitch to playlists, together,” announced the streaming service on Friday, in what it described as “an effort to empower artists, managers, and labels […]

Sandbox Issue 238: Remixes Hit Saturation Point

Lead: Lil Nas X might have broken on TikTok but it was his deft use of multiple remixes (and collaborations) that kept ‘Old Town Road’ in the air throughout most of 2019. He claims he has 25 remixes of follow-up track ‘Panini’ ready to go, although this might prove to be the most high-profile case […]

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