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With the increasing popularity of online video content consumption, music industry professionals are seeking new ways to increase their artists’ reach, fan engagement, and ultimately, generate revenue. Social media channels […] The post Tools :: Remedy appeared first on Music Ally. Source: Music ally

Instagram now allows up to five “links in bio”

Instagram has been famously restrictive when allowing users to post links to external websites: only one link was allowed, and that was only possible in your bio at the top of the profile, not in text accompanying posts; hence the endless pleas to “see link in bio”. Now that’s changed: Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced […]

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Smartlinks now play a vital role in music marketing campaigns. And the marketplace of link providers has grown accordingly – and so has competition among them. Platforms are constantly evolving and adding new features and integrations to diversify themselves and offer a USP to customers. is a relative newcomer, launching in 2021 – eight […] gets YouTube conversion and attribution data

Using smart-links to direct fans to their preferred streaming service is a long-established part of music marketing. The post gets YouTube conversion and attribution data appeared first on Music Ally. Source: Music ally

Linktree’s ‘Payment Lock’ can paywall content (music included)

Smart-links firm Linktree has launched a new feature called ‘Payment Lock’ which aims to help people charge for access to exclusive content. The post Linktree’s ‘Payment Lock’ can paywall content (music included) appeared first on Music Ally. Source: Music ally

Mandolin expands beyond livestreaming into fan analytics

Mandolin’s next move? Fan analytics and a richer-media take on smart links. It is launching two new services for artists. The post Mandolin expands beyond livestreaming into fan analytics appeared first on Music Ally. Source: Music ally

Believe launches its own smart-links tool powered by Soundsgood

There is no shortage of tools available for artists and labels to create ‘smart links’ for promoting their music and getting useful data on fans. The post Believe launches its own smart-links tool powered by Soundsgood appeared first on Music Ally. Source: Music ally

Linkfire’s latest attribution data deal is with YouTube Music

Music marketing platform Linkfire has announced its latest data deal, with YouTube Music. “In addition to seeing how many of your link visitors click through to YouTube and YouTube Music, you’ll be able to see how those clicks translate into streams on the platforms,” promised the company. It makes YouTube the latest service to sign on […]

Feature·fm adds conversion data from Anghami, Qobuz and more

We’ve reported on Linkfire’s various partnerships to get conversion (or ‘attribution’) data from streaming services, so that music marketers can tell not just that fans tapped or clicked on smart links, but whether they streamed, followed etc afterwards. But this isn’t an idea confined to one smart-links company. Feature·fm has just announced the addition of […]

Tools: Smart links roundup

Using smart links is now standard practice for artists of all sizes and, as a result, competition among smart link companies has increased exponentially. Because of this, they are all trying to develop and innovate in ways that make them unique and that help them stand above their competitors.  Here we overview the latest updates […]

Sandbox Issue 255: K-Pop. What the Global Music Industry can learn from South Korea

Lead: K-pop is eating the world whole and is changing what marketing – especially superfan-centric marketing – can do. We speak to those working in and around the K-pop world to learn how the genre markets itself, where its acts engage with their fans to build incredible levels of loyalty, why trans-media marketing underscores everything they do […]

Smart links market heats up with Linkfire, Beatchain, ToneDen

You wait for a news story about ‘smart links’ for music marketing to come along, then three turn up at once… Linkfire has announced its latest conversion-data deal with a streaming service: Deezer. Artists and marketers sending fans to Deezer via Linkfire smart links will now get data like streams, follows and playlist adds to understand how […]

Linkfire’s latest streaming data partnership is with Deezer

Music marketing firm Linkfire has announced a deal with Deezer to access data on what music listeners do after following one of its ‘smart links’ to the streaming service. Artists, labels and marketers using Linkfire will now be able to see, for example, whether fans have gone on to play a song, add it to […]

Linkfire adds ‘Artist Bio Link’ feature for musicians

Music marketing platform Linkfire has a new feature that could be very useful for artists. It’s called ‘Artist Bio Links’. According to Linkfire, it “brings together all your promotions in one personalised microsite. Drive fans to your releases, merch, SoMe profiles, tours, and more, all with one shareable link”. The idea is that this will […]

Soundplate launches cover-art generator for music playlists

We haven’t written about Soundplate before, but it’s one of the companies creating marketing tools for artists and labels: its best-known product is Soundplate Clicks, a smart-links tool competing with the likes of Linkfire and SmartURL, but it also has a tool for creating music-vizualiser videos for YouTube and social platforms, and a tool for […]

Tools. Toneden: Automated Social Marketing

With a multitude of music marketing tools available to artist teams, it can sometimes be difficult to decide which ones to prioritise, especially when most of them are eating into your monthly budget.  It’s therefore great to see how ToneDen has been further developing its offering since we last covered the platform in 2017, adding […]

Sandbox Issue 241: Music Merchandising Moves On

A T-shirt or a flimsy tour programme was the bulk of merchandise in the “old days” – mass-produced items to shift quickly when an act was on tour. Fortunately, things have changed dramatically in recent years – with a clear drive to be as environmentally aware as possible. Print-on-demand technology is also allowing acts to […]

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