20 years after iTunes, moving past the ‘Pick, Pack & Ship’ distribution model

This post – by Edward Ginis, co-founder and Chief Client Officer of OpenPlay – is Partner Content. Twenty years ago, when iTunes was first launched, the music industry needed a new digital distribution system, and they built one based on what they knew: the physical distribution “pick, pack, and ship” model. That approach has largely persisted […]

And the winner is…: measuring the impact of awards on streaming

This article from Last.fm is Partner Content. Win an award, sell lots of records. That used to be the equation (or certainly the presumption) in the music business. In the days and weeks after an award ceremony, record labels would put “award-winning” stickers on the front of LPs and CDs, renewing their promotional efforts and […]

Credit where it’s due: transforming poor music credit metadata by putting creatives in control

The below post – by Kyran de Keijzer, Co-founder and CPO of Muso.AI – is Partner Content. At Muso.AI, we’re delivering lifetime, greatest-of-all-time, big data energy type of analytics that get creatives motivated to engage with their data again. Total streams, Shazams, charts, playlists, collaborations and more; we’re giving the power of data back to […]

Rock ’n’ yule: charting the Christmas music peak with Last.fm data

This article from Last.fm is Partner Content. Christmas, the cliché runs, starts earlier every year. Shops, apparently, push out their Christmas stock earlier and earlier and everyone is giddy with festive delight even before Halloween is over.  Except no one seems to have told music streamers this because the musical lift-off for Christmas holds to […]

Spotify for Artists Marquee: made for marketing music to the right listeners

This article on Spotify for Artists Marquee is Partner Content. Marquee by Spotify for Artists is a powerful marketing tool – ideal for artists, managers, and labels to promote their new releases. Marquee is specifically created to market music, and stands out from other digital marketing tools in two vital ways: firstly, by targeting listeners based […]

Listen and learn: understanding uneven album consumption

This article from Last.fm is Partner Content. How much of a classic album do you actually listen to? It turns out that even the most loftily-held LPs have a surprising number of tracks that modern listeners tend to skip en masse. In the physical age, albums were often designed as – or, at least, presented […]

Spotify 2022 Artist Wrapped: making the most of your remarkable year

This article on Spotify Artist Wrapped is Partner Content. With the year coming to a close, it’s time for artists to look back on all the progress they have made in 2022. Today, Spotify has launched 2022 Artist Wrapped, which offers artists a look at all the progress they’ve made over the last year with […]

K-pop’s global rise: a series of well-planned explosions rather than a single big bang

This article from Last.fm is Partner Content. Most eruptions in pop music happen over a long period of time rather than immediately. ‘Heartbreak Hotel’ was Elvis’s first US number 1, but his sixth single (albeit his first on RCA Victor). Even The Beatles had been plugging away for several years before Beatlemania happened.  The story […]

Last.fm is 20: VP of Product Michael Horan on Last.fm’s 20 years in music-tech – and the future of data in the music industry

This article from Last.fm is Partner Content. The Music Ally Focus Podcast recently welcomed Michael Horan, VP of Product at Last.fm, which is just about to hit a remarkable milestone: 20 years as a music tech company. In that time, Last.fm has gathered an enormous amount of data on how people listen to music – and […]

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