UMG’s 10.22PM label is launching a Gorillaz-style NFT group

It’s a sign of the times when the world’s biggest major label has an imprint described as “a next-gen Web3 label that discovers and develops artists, intellectual property, brands and digital creators”. The post UMG’s 10.22PM label is launching a Gorillaz-style NFT group appeared first on Music Ally. Source: Music ally

Opulous to sell ‘S-NFTs’ for artists Lil Pump and KSHMR

It will be working with artists Lil Pump and KSHMR to sell ‘S-NFTs’ – a term they’ve coined to describe NFTs sold as ‘securities’ under US financial regulations The post Opulous to sell ‘S-NFTs’ for artists Lil Pump and KSHMR appeared first on Music Ally. Source: Music ally

TikTok launches its first NFT collection (including Lil Nas X)

NFTs as a “creator empowerment tool” eh? That’s the pitch TikTok is making with the launch of its first collection under the brand of TikTok Top Moments. The post TikTok launches its first NFT collection (including Lil Nas X) appeared first on Music Ally. Source: Music ally

Startup Files: Serenade offers another spin on music NFTs

In August, Serenade announced itself as the latest startup looking to help musicians and music brands create and sell NFTs. It promised to be both accessible – fans could pay using regular debit and credit cards – and environmentally sustainable through its use of an ‘eco-friendly’ blockchain called Polygon. Since then, Serenade has worked with artists including […]

BT and Paul Oakenfold put blockchain at the heart of new albums

Since the earliest days of blockchain hype in the music industry, electronic music artists have often been the first to experiment with the technology: particularly those that are most tech-savvy and who control their rights. There are two new examples this week. First, trance legend BT is releasing what’s being described as “the world’s first […]

Snoop Dogg is building a mansion… in virtual world The Sandbox

Throughout Music Ally’s history one principle has held true: if there’s a whizzy new digital platform of some kind, Snoop Dogg will be on it before 99.7% of other artists. The post Snoop Dogg is building a mansion… in virtual world The Sandbox appeared first on Music Ally. Source: Music ally

An independent artist’s view on NFTs: providing fans with a stake in their future success (guest post)

The Brooklyn-based VÉRITÉ is a very modern artist, with multiple threads running through her career that connect with audiences and generate income. She’s not only an independent singer-songwriter, but is also a podcast host, and is experimenting with selling parts of her master recordings via NFT auctions. We asked VÉRITÉ to write about the value […]

Stageverse raises $7.5m and launches Muse virtual concert

In August 2020, we reported on Muse’s plans to launch a ‘Simulation Theory: Virtual Experience’ with virtual reality startup Stageverse. It was originally due to launch that autumn, but just over a year later, the full show is now ready for its debut. Now called ‘Muse: Enter The Simulation’, it will be available through Stageverse’s iOS, Android and […]

Rcrdshp raises ‘multi-million’ seed round to make more NFTs

Rcrdshp launched its first collection in August and sold out in a matter of hours, before repeating the trick with its second drop later that month. The post Rcrdshp raises ‘multi-million’ seed round to make more NFTs appeared first on Music Ally. Source: Music ally

MakersPlace reveals plans for NFTs with Sony Music artists

Shakira is one of the artists involved, with a collection of NFTs based on “the fantastical world of Caloris, a place ruled by women in an intergalactic landscape The post MakersPlace reveals plans for NFTs with Sony Music artists appeared first on Music Ally. Source: Music ally

Dapper Labs capitalises on NFT fever with $305m funding round

NFTs may be all the rage in 2021, but startup Dapper Labs was one of the first companies to explore blockchain-powered digital goods with its CryptoKitties game in 2017. It has since gone on to have another big hit with its NBA Top Shot basketball partnership, and also took investment from Warner Music Group in September 2019. […]

NFTs explosion:, The Weeknd, Gorillaz, Lindsay Lohan…

Say what you like about non-fungible tokens (NFTS) – and right now, everyone appears to be doing exactly that on Twitter – but it’s undeniable that there is a gold rush of musicians towards the idea. In the past few days alone, there has been a mini-blizzard of announcements and on-sales, with some prominent artists. Start with […]

The NFTs boom is still sparking praise and scepticism

Well, that’s a headline we could probably run every single day for the next few months. But with the music industry still buzzing with questions about non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and their potential, it’s worth keeping abreast of the latest debates. Start today with the “long-ass blog post” by artist Rev Dan Catt, which is an […]

NFT trends include 50/50 split for musicians and visual artists

Music NFTs must be big business. Look, the Wall Street Journal is writing about them! And it’s a good summary of the current activity (and hype) around non-fungible tokens in the music space. That includes stats: journalist Cherie Hu’s calculation that since June last year around 29,800 NFTs involving artists have generated $42.5m in primary sales. […]

Stevie Nicks reportedly blocks use of ‘Dreams’ for an NFT

Well, of course that guy on the skateboard who made that Fleetwood Mac song go viral on TikTok is now selling that video as a non-fungible token. Nathan Apodaca is hoping to trouser at least $500k from the NFT sale of his 23-second video, although there’s one wrinkle: it won’t include ‘Dreams’. Apodaca’s representative told showbiz site […]

Ditto Music adds NFTs to its Bluebox blockchain platform

Distributor Ditto Music is moving into NFTs, but its plans will enable fans to acquire shares in songs, rather than just digital artwork. The company has launched an ‘NFT exchange’ as part of its Bluebox royalties platform, and is working with artists Big Zuu and Taylor Bennett on its first sales. Both will be auctioning […]

Async to launch ‘programmable music’ through stems and NFTs

Async is a startup focused on ‘programmable art’ that is capable of changing over time. Oh, and it’s also part of the blockchain wave, with that art able to be bought, resold and interacted with. It has generated more than $1m in sales for digital artists since its launch in February 2020. Now the company is […]

Downtown’s Joe Conyers III joins Crypto·com to work on NFTs

Artists piling onto the NFTs bandwagon is one thing, but prominent music industry executives leaving their jobs for it is quite another. Joe Conyers III, of Downtown Music Holdings, has left for a new EVP role at cryptocurrency firm, where he will be in charge of its new “invite-only NFT platform that will feature […]

Music and NFTs are buzzing, but should you believe the hype?

The music industry has got quite… well, let’s say “excited” about Non-Fungible-Tokens (NFTs) in the last couple of months. The headlines have been breathless and the figures eye-popping. Grimes sold $5.8m of NFTs in 20 minutes! 3lau sold 33 NFTs for $11.6m! The former boss of T-Mobile US paid Steve Aoki $888,888.88 for an NFT […]

After extension, the Kings of Leon NFTs generated $2m of sales

We reported the other day on the Kings of Leon NFT sale being extended after four of its ‘golden ticket’ NFTs failed to meet their reserve prices. So it’s only fair to also report on the final performance of the sale, which reached more than $2m according to Billboard – a figure that came from the band’s […]

Kings of Leon NFT auction extended as some listings fall short

We wrote last week about plans to launch a series of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) for the new Kings of Leon album. So how is that going? Well, the auction for the NFTs has been extended until 8pm EST today (8 March), which doesn’t necessarily mean it’s going brilliantly. The six ‘golden ticket’ NFTs, which include front-row seats […]

Music NFTs fever heats up with 3LAU and Kings of Leon

Haven’t you launched an NFT yet? What are you waiting for? Grab an audio doodle from your studio outtakes, commission some terrible fantasy or sci-fi novel cover-artwork* and/or a GIF of a funny animal – cats are a saturated market by the way, so we suggest pivoting towards penguins, bonobos or blobfish – and STONKTASTIC RICHES […]

Blockchain game sells nine plots of virtual land… for $1.5m

We’ve been writing about NFTs (nonfungible tokens) recently, and thinking about their potential for the music industry. But other entertainment sectors are doing the same, games in particular – the pioneer industry in terms of creating collectible digital items that people are willing to pay money for. What they’re paying money for this week are […]

Mike Shinoda releases his first NFT – and it’s valuable

NFTs – nonfungible tokens – are rapidly pinging the radar of the music industry, as it wakes up to the decent sums of money being paid for digital collectible assets of various kinds. We expect to see a growing number of music-related NFTs this year, and Linkin Park’s Mike Shinoda – often early into new tech trends […]

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