Minecraft NFTs: ‘Not something we will support or allow’

If you think there’s been some stinging fan backlashes against NFTs in the music world, you should see some of the almighty hoo-has in the games industry. The post Minecraft NFTs: ‘Not something we will support or allow’ appeared first on Music Ally. Source: Music ally

Glass Animals make a Minecraft splash with fan’s ‘house flip’

A number of artists and festivals have experimented with the game Minecraft in recent years. One of the still-powerful things about it is the community of YouTubers and Twitch streamers making Minecraft videos, which reach big audiences. As part of what’s already been a really inventive (and long-lasting) campaign for the band, Glass Animals have […]

Rave Family Block Fest Minecraft festival postponed again

We reported on Friday about the bumpy start for Rave Family Block Fest, the dance music festival being held within the game Minecraft. People who’d paid for tickets to attend were finding it difficult to access the event, and when they did get in, they realised that the music itself had to be streamed separately […]

Get set for Wireless Connect and Electric Blockaloo virtual festivals

Livestreams are all the rage in 2020, but the related ‘virtual concerts’ category is seeing some activity too. Travis Scott’s performances in Fortnite, which attracted 27.7 million people in total, are the obvious example, but there are also experiments happening around virtual reality, as well as other online games. VR startup MelodyVR has expanded on its […]

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