RightsHub reveals data deals with music recognition firms

RightsHub is one of the companies developing technology for managing music rights data and assets. It’s just announced five partnerships with music recognition technology (MRT) companies to help its customers get their music registered with those services. The five are: Gracenote, DJ Monitor, Soundmouse, BMAT, Yacast. The company says that getting music registered with MRT companies […]

Verifi Media launches blockchain music-metadata service

Music Ally has done its time in the blockchain trenches: our reports on the technology’s potential for music from 2016, 2017 and 2018 are evidence of that. One of the conclusions we’ve drawn: the ‘sweep away the middlemen’ startups that only work for artists who control 100% of their rights without even a collecting society in sight are not, in […]

Gracenote launches a new dataset of 35m podcast episodes

Spotify, Pandora, Deezer and other music services are thinking hard about how to make it easier for listeners to discover podcasts that they might like. Now tech firm Gracenote is launching something that could help: “a standardised and enriched dataset enabling powerful navigation, search and discovery of more than 35 million podcast episodes across all […]

TikTok spikes persuade more labels to change track titles

Earlier this year in our piece about how we worked with Atlanta rapper K Camp to capitalise on the TikTok success of his track ‘Lottery’, we explained that changing its title on streaming services to ‘Lottery (Renegade)’ because the second word was what kids were searching for – thanks to the producer tag in the clip that went […]

Music Ally Startup Files: Musiio talks AI-tagging

AI-music analysis startup Musiio has had a good 2019: it recently raised $1M in seed funding, is already working with a slew of clients, and is looking to raise money again in 2020. Musiio’s technology is a mixture of the advanced (AI that can listen to music) and the pragmatic (efficiently labelling catalogue). Right now, […]

Monokrome Music launches rightsAUDIT catalogue review service

Founded in 2017, Monokrome Music offers artists digital marketing and social media support. It expanded its offering in September with the launch of rightsHUB as a centralised point to store contractual information as well as release metadata, publishing and neighbouring rights data. It has now launched rightsAUDIT, a service aimed at rightholders (artists, labels, managers, songwriters) […]

PPL teams up with Sound Credit to improve recording metadata

Across the world, there are lots of different initiatives afoot to tackle the music industry’s metadata problems – including accurately filling out the credits for songs and recordings. The latest example comes from the UK, where collecting society PPL has announced a new partnership with startup Sound Credit. The latter company’s product is a plug-in and […]

Musiio reveals AI-tagging deal with production-music firm

Startup Musiio has revealed its latest partnership for its AI-powered catalogue-tagging technology. It’s working with production-music firm Overcoast – its eleventh music-industry customer – to help the company analyse its catalogue of music and tag it correctly. “Catalogue management becomes increasingly hard as companies grow their libraries, and we are no exception. Manually tagging tracks becomes tedious […]

Music metadata expands with DDEX’s new MEAD standard

Music-metadata standards organisation DDEX is launching its latest standard: Media Enrichment and Description (or MEAD for short). It’s a significant expansion of the metadata that labels and distributors provide to digital services with their music, based on brainstorming sessions back in 2017 with the likes of Apple, Amazon, Spotify, Pandora, major labels, collecting societies and other interested […]

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