Tools :: Immensity

It’s crucial for artists to have a strong online presence – however, with so many platforms available, it can be challenging to know which ones are impactful and where to focus your marketing efforts. This is the problem Immensity hopes to solve. Immensity is a tool that takes all the data from online platforms – as well […]

Tools :: Laylo

Imagine you have a new artist release coming up. Or perhaps you’d like to announce a new show or a new merchandise addition to an artist’s shop. How are you going to promote it? The simple approach is to create a post on social media – which involves an element of hope that the algorithm […]

Tools :: Offstage

Offstage is an invite-only data and analytics tool. It brings together data from different platforms (ticketing, streaming, social media etc) and provides teams with an insights tool powered by AI. The post Tools :: Offstage appeared first on Music Ally. Source: Music ally

Tools ::

Smartlinks now play a vital role in music marketing campaigns. And the marketplace of link providers has grown accordingly – and so has competition among them. Platforms are constantly evolving and adding new features and integrations to diversify themselves and offer a USP to customers. is a relative newcomer, launching in 2021 – eight […]

Tools :: Wavo – 2023 profile

What’s changed that warrants a Wavo Tools update? It now offers two discrete ways for music marketers to engage with the platform. The post Tools :: Wavo – 2023 profile appeared first on Music Ally. Source: Music ally

Tools :: Levellr

The original fan community concept – artist fan clubs – have shifted from physical mailing lists to email lists and now to online messaging platforms like Telegram and Discord. Fan communities are highly desirable at the moment, allowing direct communication between the artist and their most devoted fans. But building your online communities on messaging […]

Tools :: Trendpop

Trendpop is a SaaS platform and a data-driven tool designed to help users strategise their TikTok presence and navigate the app’s ecosystem. The post Tools :: Trendpop appeared first on Music Ally. Source: Music ally

Tools :: TikTok tools round-up

As the recent debate around the pressure on artists to go viral on TikTok shows, the short-form video platform remains one of the most important tools in artist marketing. However, as always, strategy is key and music marketers have a growing number of tools available to refine their artist’s TikTok strategy.  This week, we’re walking […]

Tools :: Cirkay

Cirkay co-founder Simon Scott has a lot of thoughts about web3 technology and how it connects with fans. “No one is going to become a fan unless they buy something” is one. “The most important thing that web3 has got to do for an artist is to make fans buy again” is another, as is, “In […]

Tools :: Subtext

While being active on the big social media platforms is part of virtually any artist’s job, it’s often other places we think of when it comes to truly nurturing fanbases. If artists want to ensure their messages reach their audiences, SMS marketing can be an effective solution and Subtext has a pretty strong offer for […]

Tools: Preffy

When it comes to influencer marketing, traditionally an artist or their team agrees to pay an (often hefty) fee – and the influencer posting their piece of content gets paid regardless of the post’s performance. This can make it tricky to justify whether working with influencers is a worthwhile spend to achieve an artist’s marketing […]

Tools: Portes. Connect artists directly to their fans in under 3 seconds, with a bespoke VIP experience

Consumer concerns around online privacy, and new regulations such as GDPR, COPPA and CCPA are causing complications for tech giants like Facebook, Google and TikTok; and are increasingly seen as a differentiator and point of competitive advantage for Apple.  Those same philosophical differences are beginning to emerge in the startup space too. OCL, a London-based […]

Sandbox issue 230: Why Email Marketing Is More Important Than Ever

Lead: Email marketing is far from dead. We look at why it is still relevant, how email tools and platforms are getting smarter and where they are allowing users greater ways to target audiences, segment audiences and personalise messaging. Yet there are still many pitfalls, so in this issue we outline how to use email […]

Chartmetric debuts Cross-Platform Performance metric for artists

Music analytics firm Chartmetric has a new acronym to shout about: CPP. It stands for Cross-Platform Performance, and it’s an attempt to provide a single metric that measures an artist’s performance across music-streaming services, social media platforms and other digital entities. In a detailed blog post explaining how the new metric is calculated, Chartmetric said […]

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