Kanye West makes post-release changes to ‘Donda’ album

Kanye West famously continued tinkering with his ‘The Life of Pablo’ album even after it was released, altering tracks then replacing the older versions on digital services. The post Kanye West makes post-release changes to ‘Donda’ album appeared first on Music Ally. Source: Music ally

Kanye West on contracts campaign: ‘I will help set precedents’

The music industry may still be picking its way through Kanye West’s self-leaked Universal Music Group deals, but West is making it clear that his campaign around artist contracts is more than just a moment on Twitter. “The desired effect will only be achieved when every artist owns their masters. I’m Team ‘Free Artists.’ I’m […]

Kanye West offers guidelines for recording and publishing deals

Fresh (well, maybe that’s not the best word) from expressing his views on the music industry by tweeting a video of a Grammy award being urinated on, Kanye West offered some more constructive suggestions for how he’d like to see the industry change. In a series of tweets yesterday, West outlined some “new recording and […]

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