Spotify publishes platform rules as Joe Rogan row snowballs

Where to start with the latest developments in the row over Spotify, Joe Rogan, Covid-19 misinformation and Neil Young’s decision to remove his music from the streaming service? The post Spotify publishes platform rules as Joe Rogan row snowballs appeared first on Music Ally. Source: Music ally

Spotify can’t just shrug off the latest Joe Rogan controversy

“A few people tweeting that they’re cancelling their Spotify subscriptions does not a firestorm make,” we wrote in our news bulletin yesterday, about the initial responses to Alex Jones guesting on Joe Rogan’s podcast. Well, later that day the flames began to spread, as major media outlets picked up on Jones’s appearance despite his own […]

Spotify faces internal unrest over Joe Rogan’s old podcasts

Signing podcaster Joe Rogan to an exclusive deal certainly gave Spotify’s share price a boost, but it’s also created some internal headaches for the company. Vice has a story about some recent internal meetings with staff at Spotify to discuss concerns about the back catalogue of The Joe Rogan Experience. And no, this time it’s not […]

Joe Rogan’s controversial podcast episodes missing on Spotify

Spotify paid over $100 million to exclusively license the Joe Rogan Experience, a move that caused the platform’s market cap to almost instantly spike by $1bn. Rogan’s podcast has now appeared on the platform – with “dozens” of the more controversial shows absent. At the time of the deal, Rogan was pleased by Spotify’s hands-off approach, […]

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