Startup Singdaptive would like to teach the world to sing

Based in Canada, Singdaptive has just emerged from a year-long beta of a service that teaches people to sing with a roster of 21 vocal coaches. The post Startup Singdaptive would like to teach the world to sing appeared first on Music Ally. Source: Music ally

Country Profile – Canada 2021

After coming late to streaming, Canada is now experiencing a boom in subscriber numbers and overall music consumption. The post Country Profile – Canada 2021 appeared first on Music Ally. Source: Music ally

Socan reveals 2019 financials and plans to sell Dataclef assets

Canadian collecting society Socan has published its financial results for 2019. Its collections grew by 8.2% to $405.6m, including a 37.6% increase for its digital collections to $86m. However, distributions to its members fell by 6% to $296m, which Socan said was due to “the steep learning curve required for the company’s newly deployed technology to […]

Metallica preps drive-in gig with $115 ‘per vehicle’ tickets

$115 to see Metallica? We know concerts are in short supply, but this is outrageo… Oh wait. Metallica’s upcoming concert does cost $115 for a ticket, but that ticket covers a vehicle with up to six people: potentially just over $19 per head, which is actually rather good value. The band are the latest artist to […]

Canada music consumption up 5.7% this year despite Covid-19

Nielsen Music / MRC Data has published its mid-year report on the Canadian music market, revealing that despite the Covid-19 pandemic, total audio consumption rose by 5.7% in Canada in the first half of 2020. That’s based on the research firm’s formula blending album and track sales with on-demand audio streams. Breaking that down, Canadians […]

Canadian PRO SOCAN launches livestreams licensing scheme

Lots of artists and especially DJs are livestreaming on Facebook and Instagram, but as the latter platform recently made clear, there are some licensing restrictions on what music can be played. Canadian collecting society SOCAN has done something interesting though: a new program called ‘Encore!’ that will pay songwriters and publishers when their work is used in livestreams […]

Socan CEO Eric Baptiste resigns and steps down immediately

There’s a change at the top for Canadian collecting society Socan, as its CEO Eric Baptiste has resigned and stepped down with immediate effect. Why so abrupt? “With the end of the current CEO contract approaching, Eric thought it was time to move on and a mutual decision was reached with the Board to end […]

Canada now has around 7.8m music subscribers says Socan boss

Canadian collecting society Socan says that Canada is home to around 7.8m music subscribers, or 22% of the country’s total population, after Nielsen figures revealed a 31.2% increase in on-demand audio song streams in Canada last year. Socan CEO Eric Baptiste, talking in our Canada Country Profile, cautions that that Socan works with total subscriber […]

Country Profile – Canada 2020

Canada may have been initially slow to embrace streaming, but recent years have seen the market make steady gains, even if YouTube remains a constant source of irritation The post Country Profile – Canada 2020 appeared first on Music Ally. Source: Music ally

Socan collections exceeded $400m for the first time in 2019

The latest collecting society announcing growth in its annual collections is Canadian PRO Socan. It estimates that it collected C$405.5m (around US$305.1m) in 2019 – the first time its collections have exceeded $400m in its history. We say ‘estimates’ because the final figure won’t be published until Socan’s AGM in June. Assuming it’s confirmed, that would […]

LyricFind gets government funding to spread Canadian lyrics

Lyrics firm LyricFind has found a new source of funding: money from the Department of Canadian Heritage Creative Export Canada program. It’ll be used in a two-year project to support “the licensing, transcription and translation of Canadian artists and songwriters’ lyrics”, as well as generating royalties for those lyrics across the world. And this isn’t […]

Country Profile – Canada 2019

YouTube boasts immense strength in Canada but it is partly responsible for the slow adoption of subscription streaming as the country’s music industry aims to improve the revenue disparity for Canadian creators The post Country Profile – Canada 2019 appeared first on Music Ally. Source: Music ally

SOCAN set a new record for royalty payouts in 2018

Perhaps we should start asking some pointed questions to any collecting society or label that *isn’t* announcing record royalties and/or payouts. New milestones are being set by the week in 2019, it seems. Canadian collecting society SOCAN is the latest example. In 2018 it paid out $320m to its members, representing 8% year-on-year growth, although […]

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