Fortnite enlists Bandcamp to curate an in-game radio station

Epic Games acquired music platform Bandcamp just over a year ago. Now the latter is curating a Fortnite in-game radio station. The post Fortnite enlists Bandcamp to curate an in-game radio station appeared first on Music Ally. Source: Music ally

Digital Distribution Coordinator – Ninja Tune – London

Important: Please see ‘Application Tips’ for details on how to apply.  Location: To work in our Kennington office when safe to do so and from home Start date: As soon as possible Availability: 5 days a week (10-6pm Monday to Friday) Salary: Based on experience. Closing date: 13th April 2021 (Midnight) Ninja Tune is looking […]

Bandcamp’s monthly sales are up by 122% year-on-year

There’s a thriving trade in ‘Bandcamp as the anti-Spotify’ articles this year: the latest, from the Los Angeles Times, puts the ‘anti-Spotify’ phrase right in the headline. However, lower down there are some interesting figures showing Bandcamp’s current momentum. In the past year, fans have bought 5m digital albums, 2m tracks, 1m vinyl albums, 600k CDs, […]

Latest Bandcamp Friday looks to build on $75m sales so far

Independent artists and labels have sold $75m of music and merchandise so far on the ‘Bandcamp Fridays’ series of sale days, during which the D2C platform waives its revenue share. Today’s the latest one, as part of Bandcamp’s decision to repeat the sale on the first Friday of every month – complete with an ‘Is […]

Wire protest after Bandcamp ‘scam page’ sells their album

Bandcamp has been getting a lot of love from artists in recent months, thanks to its Covid-19 relief and Black Lives Matter sales. One artist who’s not quite so keen, though, is British post-punk band Wire, who’ve been having some problems with their albums appearing on Bandcamp without their say-so. “You may have recently seen […]

Bandcamp’s rev-share waiving Friday sales to continue

Bandcamp has held four of its special sales – Fridays where the platform waives its revenue share of all music and merch sales – since March, in response to the Covid-19 pandemic and the Black Lives Matter movement. According to CEO Ethan Diamond, those four days generated more than $20m of sales for artists and […]

Bandcamp generated $20m of sales for artists in last month

The Financial Times is the latest publication with an approving profile of Bandcamp. It’s part of a wave of admiration for the platform after its recent Covid-19 and Juneteenth / Black Lives Matter rev-share waiving sales, as well as the wider issue of artists’ income from streaming. There’s a new figure too. “Over a 30-day […]

Björk joins Bandcamp – and Black Lives Matter will benefit

Björk is adding her entire back catalogue to D2C platform Bandcamp, with a launch offer that will see proceeds from all sales donated to Black Lives Matter UK until the end of today’s Juneteenth fundraiser on the site. Her studio albums will be sold in digital, vinyl, CD and cassette formats on Bandcamp, making her one […]

Today’s positive coronavirus-related industry news (6 May)

It’s back! Some days we’re not running a ‘positive news’ roundup, which doesn’t necessarily mean everything’s bleak and terrible: it might be that we’ve broken out a bigger positive story on its own, or just that there’s a lull in announcements. Good things to tell you about today, however, include Bandcamp’s announcement that last Friday’s revenue-share-waiving sale […]

Today’s positive coronavirus-related industry stories (28 April)

TikTok is launching a new feature, ‘Donation Stickers’, that will enable creators on the app to encourage their followers to donate to charities. This isn’t only about music, but music industry charities MusiCares and Help Musicians are two of the first to be supported through the feature. The stickers can be added to videos, and […]

Today’s positive coronavirus-related music industry news (24 March)

Music Ally is trying to write a story every working day, rounding up the good, practical things happening in and around our industry: focusing on relief efforts and other initiatives from the music industry and music / tech communities. Start today with Bandcamp’s update on how last Friday’s big music sale went. “On a typical Friday, […]

Hype Machine connects Spotify Wrapped playlists with Bandcamp

Streaming music doesn’t mean you don’t also want to buy it sometimes. Music Ally has always argued that there could be more links between streaming services like Spotify and D2C platforms like Bandcamp, beyond a few items of merch on artist profiles. Now music website Hype Machine has stepped in to create a new link […]

Bandcamp launches vinyl-pressing service for artists and labels

Bandcamp has launched a new vinyl-pressing service for independent artists and labels using its platform. Well, we say ‘launched’ – its official debut is later this year, but it was announced yesterday along with four pilot campaigns to show how it’ll work. It’s a Qrates-style service that combines vinyl with crowdfunding. “Our new vinyl pressing […]

Bandcamp opens its own record store in Oakland

Bandcamp has long been the platform for a host of independent artists and labels to sell physical music and merchandise, as well as downloads. Now the company itself is getting a physical manifestation: it has opened a record store in Oakland, California. It’s more than just a shop, though. “We’ll feature a selection of records that […]

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