Credit where it’s due: transforming poor music credit metadata by putting creatives in control

The below post – by Kyran de Keijzer, Co-founder and CPO of Muso.AI – is Partner Content. At Muso.AI, we’re delivering lifetime, greatest-of-all-time, big data energy type of analytics that get creatives motivated to engage with their data again. Total streams, Shazams, charts, playlists, collaborations and more; we’re giving the power of data back to […]

The Sandbox guide to… Catalogue Sync

Catalogue music is having a moment: a full third of Spotify’s weekly Top Songs are now catalogue tracks, and catalogue syncs – Kate Bush, we’re looking at you – have been big news this year. Catalogue music brings with it mood, authenticity, pedigree – and money… but only if you get it right.  So how can you […]

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