RichCast promises ‘voice-driven’ interactive stories and podcasts
Posted on: 29 septembre 2021, by : Stuart Dredge

Spotify likes to see itself as the on-demand audio platform that will kill off ‘linear radio’, but even its audio is still linear in the sense that you choose a track, playlist or podcast and listen to it.
However, the emergence of smart speakers and voice assistants has seen some experimentation around interactive audio, such as Choose Your Own Adventure-style branching narratives. Something that Netflix has also explored in the video space.
A British startup called Panivox is hoping to build on this with its own platform called RichCast, which is launching later this year.
The company describes its focus as “voice-driven interactive entertainment”, which will deliver stories, digital comics, factual shows and education via its own app for iOS, Android, PC and Mac.
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