Song Sleuth seeks out user-uploaded live music recordings
Posted on: 28 septembre 2021, by : Stuart Dredge

There are several ways labels can scan video and social services for use of their recordings, including the tools of those platforms and third-party startups.
What about recordings of live music performances though? That’s a trickier task, but startups are trying to tackle that too. Song Sleuth is one example.
It uses AI and machine learning to scan social platforms to identify live recordings, then has a human team of moderators to check them, before submitting monetisation claims. The company says it works on an artist-by-artist or label-by-label basis.
Its executive team includes CEO Jordan Gross, the former CEO of karaoke service Sing King, and COO Lucas Bleeg, formerly of The Orchard and Studio71.
Armed with a “finding the unfindable” slogan, it will be hoping to carve out a niche for itself alongside established startups like Pex, which says its own ‘attribution engine’ is also capable of detecting live versions of tracks.
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