Spotify’s new artist tool could boost streams (with a discounted royalty rate)
Posted on: 2 novembre 2020, by : Stuart Dredge

Spotify is testing a new feature that will enable artists and labels to boost specific tracks in the recommendation algorithms for its radio and autoplay features – if they agree to a “promotional” (i.e. lower) royalty rate for those streams.
Autoplay is the feature that automatically plays other songs when you reach the end of an album or playlist, while Radio is the section of Spotify that generates radio-like stations based on specific songs and artists.
Spotify is calling the new feature ‘Discovery Mode’ and will initially test it with artists and labels in the US, rolling it out further if it is successful. The promotional rate will only apply to recording royalties: the publishing royalties for these tracks will remain the same.
Here’s how the streaming service is describing its plans in a blog post this afternoon:
“In this new experiment, artists and labels can identify music that’s a priority for them, and our system will add that signal to the algorithm that determines personalized listening sessions. This allows our algorithms to account for what’s important to the artist — perhaps a song they’re particularly excited about, an album anniversary they’re celebrating, a viral cultural moment they’re experiencing, or other factors they care about.
To ensure the tool is accessible to artists at any stage of their careers, it won’t require any upfront budget. Instead, labels or rights holders agree to be paid a promotional recording royalty rate for streams in personalized listening sessions where we provided this service. If the songs resonate with listeners, we’ll keep trying them in similar sessions. If the songs don’t perform well, they’ll quickly be pulled back. Listener satisfaction is our priority—we won’t guarantee placement to labels or artists, and we only ever recommend music we think listeners will want to hear.
We’re testing this to make sure it’s a great experience for both listeners and artists. To start, we’ll focus on applying this service to our Radio and Autoplay formats, where we know listeners are looking to discover new music. As we learn from this experiment, we’ll carefully test expanding to other personalized areas of Spotify.”
Music Ally talked to Spotify’s product marketing lead Charleton Lamb ahead of the announcement, to understand what the streaming service is doing with the latest of its promotional tools for artists and labels.
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