Spotify has company as Fortnite maker sues Apple (and Google)
Posted on: 14 août 2020, by : Stuart Dredge

Spotify seemed well prepared when its EC antitrust complaint against Apple last March came with its own spin-off website detailing its issues. Now Epic Games, the maker of Fortnite, has taken that up several levels.
Yesterday it sued Apple alleging “use of a series of anti-competitive restraints and monopolistic practices”, and that lawsuit came with its own launch trailer: ‘Nineteen Eighty-Fortnite’, a parody of Apple’s famous 1984 TV ad introducing its Macintosh computer. The trailer was published online, and also shown within Fortnite to players.
No, this wasn’t improvised on the hoof: Epic Games had been preparing for this dispute, and in fact it made a calculated move to provoke Apple into banning Fortnite from its App Store in order to fire the starting gun on the lawsuit. Not to mention Google, which Epic Games is also suing over its app store policies. And this is all very relevant to Spotify’s ongoing battle with Apple, and the formal EC investigation that last March’s complaint led to.
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