Spotify pays $100m+ for Joe Rogan podcast, adds $1bn+ to market cap
Posted on: 20 mai 2020, by : Stuart Dredge

People often ask how the economics of podcasting work. Well, here’s how they worked for Spotify yesterday. The streaming service announced an exclusive licensing deal with one of the biggest podcasts, The Joe Rogan Experience.
The Wall Street Journal claimed the deal was worth “more than $100 million”, but the ensuing spike in Spotify’s share price added more than $1bn to the company’s market cap.
(We’ll explain our workings here, as it’s not a day-on-day calculation. Just before the announcement yesterday afternoon, Spotify shares were trading at $169.35, and they closed the day at $175.03 – a 3.4% spike adding $1.09bn to the market cap, which closed at $32.55bn.)
Money well spent, seemingly. Rogan’s podcast will be made available on Spotify for the first time at the start of September, alongside other podcast platforms, but at the end of 2020 it will become a Spotify exclusive.
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