Music Ally Startup Files: Voisey is the TikTok for music creation
Posted on: 27 janvier 2020, by : Joe Sparrow

If co-founder Olly Barnes’ infectious optimism is correct, Voisey is a phenomenon-in-waiting. It’s an app that has the potential to shake up how songs are made; tap into hitherto locked-away artistic talent; develop a new breed of pop star and pop songs; and maybe even bypass the traditional label system.
Sounds too good to be true? Barnes suggests that it’s already happening. In an alternate music-biz timeline, Voisey might be the “missing” social media platform: combining early SoundCloud’s zealous userbase, early Hype Machine’s excitement of discovery; Snapchat’s intimacy; and TikTok’s front-facing camera appeal.
Barnes currently divides his time between Voisey and mobile games firm Space Ape, having previously held influential roles at Universal Music and Rdio. He also founded GoMix, an early collaborative music platform.
His pitch is certainly bullish: that Voisey could be a one-stop shop that will help people graduate from TikTok lip-sync wannabes to bona-fide songwriter/performers earning royalties.
“It’s not an application, it’s a movement. People are writing little loops, and users are jumping on them! Voisey may have huge implications for the music industry at large…”
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