Music Ally Startup Files: Musiio talks AI-tagging
Posted on: 17 décembre 2019, by : Joe Sparrow

AI-music analysis startup Musiio has had a good 2019: it recently raised $1M in seed funding, is already working with a slew of clients, and is looking to raise money again in 2020.
Musiio’s technology is a mixture of the advanced (AI that can listen to music) and the pragmatic (efficiently labelling catalogue). Right now, its focus is on two B2B products: the automated tagging of tracks, and smart searching of catalogue, all using their proprietary AI. But the future holds possibilities that may be more end-user-friendly, like smarter playlists, sensing “good” songs, and more human sub-genre search.
Music Ally spoke to Musiio co-founder Hazel Savage, who has years of music-tech experience, having worked for Shazam, UMG, Pandora and Bandlab, before meeting her co-founder and CTO Aron Pettersson whilst part of the Entrepreneur First incubator in Singapore.
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