Day: 12 novembre 2019

Dan Le Sac on what he learned from broadcasting on Twitch

Amazon’s live-video platform Twitch is best known for its gaming communities, from creators streaming their play-sessions live to professional esports tournaments. But musicians have also used Twitch.
One of them is British artist and producer Dan Le Sac, who joined Music Ally at our recent Sandbox Summit conference to share some of the lessons he learned from broadcasting on Twitch after launching his channel after his musical partnership with poet and rapper Scroobius Pip came to an end in 2014.
“A few friends were playing games, and I watched a bit of Twitch and thought: ‘I’ll try that! That looks like fun: talking to people and playing games,” he said. “And I did, and gradually it went from once or twice a week to a point where I was doing it full-time, mixing a bit of gaming content with a bit of music-production content. Twitch gave me a partnership, which meant I could monetise on there, and then I spent a couple of years basically with Twitch as my job.”
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