How to prepare for ‘deepfakes’ of musicians? ‘Above all, have a plan’
Posted on: 1 juillet 2019, by : Stuart Dredge

A recent video that falsely appeared to show American politician Nancy Pelosi slurring her words as if drunk has brought the issue of ‘deepfakes’ back into the spotlight.
Prominent musicians and their teams should be taking note, thinks Gregor Pryor, co-chair of the entertainment and media industry group at law firm Reed Smith – because they could easily be among the next victims of deepfake creators.
“How do you combat it? It’s very, very difficult to combat. That is the message: ‘There is this problem, it cannot be easily solved’, so what do you do? The law isn’t clearly set out, and even if it was, it doesn’t provide an immediate silver-bullet remedy,” Pryor told Music Ally.
“If you’re talent you need a combination of PR, reputation management, legal and probably crime prevention or a technologist to help you. It’s the question of what would sit within the armoury of a star who’s concerned about deepfakes?”
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