La SVOD va t-elle remplacer la TV ?

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MYTF1VOD devient la plateforme la plus prisée des consommateurs de VOD+”pdf”

Bilan 2016 du CNCBilan 2016 du CNC

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Canal Digital bundles streaming with family package

Canal Digital bundles streaming with family packageCanal Digital is giving customers access to complete series of popular TV shows. The Nordic satellite platform has signed agreements with Disney, Fox Networks Group Europe & Africa, Viacom, Discovery, Turner, BBC and ABC Studios. Shows previously part of subscriptions ranging from SEK 77 to SEK 99 are now included in the family package. “We are now making our largest investment in television content ever and it is a natural progression as we see that most of today want to combine their normal TV subscription with a streaming service to see shows and movies when you wish. We are delighted to offer our customers all in one place, both traditional television as well as film and series to stretch watch,” says Ragnar Kårhus, CEO, Canal Digital. Titles include ABC Studios’ Gray’s Anatomy (pictured) and Criminal Minds and Fox’s How I Met Your Mother and Family Guy. Titles from the Disney library are also included. The new content will be included in the Family package of Canal Digital’s satellite customers and can be viewed via the set-top box or through Canal Digital app for phones, tablets, Samsung Smart TV, Apple TV (Gen 4) and via computer.

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IPTV Market Leader Report – Top Vendors Increasing Their Lead

Le marché vidéo français mise sur la SVOD pour se relancer

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EU prepares easing of Netflix geoblocking

Vidéo sur internet : la France en dessous de la moyenne européenne

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VOD : Outbuster fait son cinéma avec Facebook Live

Année TV 2016 : l’audience fragmentée

Netflix Is Convinced HBO Is About To Make A Major Change

La RTBF étudie une participation à la future offre de SVOD de France Télévisions

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YouTube Shows Little Sign of Old Age

Research reveals huge lack of consistency in global pay-TV pricing

Amazon se lance à la poursuite de Netflix sur le marché de la SVOD

Le marché français de la SVOD à la traîne

VOD, platforms and OTT: which promotion obligations for European works?+PDF en Francais

IRIS Plus 2016-3: VOD, platforms and OTT: which promotion obligations for European works?

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France Télévisions : la SVoD sera lancée à l’automne avec les producteurs

Global pay-TV versus SVOD forecasts

Global pay-TV versus SVOD forecasts

Video Will Account for 79% of Global Internet Traffic by 2020 (So Increase Your Video Marketing Budget NOW)

In France, Live TV Watching Reigns Over Other Types of TV and Video

“Les recettes pompettes by Poulpe”, la chaîne YouTube mise en garde par le CSA.

Demand for bandwidth, OTT video spurs FTTH investment in LatAm

Google Lines up CBS, Disney, Fox for Unplugged Streaming Video Service

Google Lines up CBS, Disney, Fox for Unplugged Streaming Video ServiceAlphabet ‘s ( GOOGL ) Google unit has reached a final agreement or one in principle with CBS ( CBS ) , Disney ( DIS ) , Viacom ( VIAB ) and 21st Century Fox ( FOXA ) and could launch its streaming video service as soon as February, according to people with knowledge of Google’s plans. Time Warner ( TWX ) is in talks as well, but they haven’t yet progressed as far as the others, said one person with knowledge of the situation. The video streaming service, Google Unplugged, will be operated by Google’s YouTube service and will join a growing number of subscription video-on-demand offerings lining up to offer consumers so-called skinny bundles of networks that are less expensive than those offered by cable or satellite operators. The service initially was expected to be announced at the Consumer Electronics Show that begins in Las Vegas on Jan. 5, but unspecified technology delays and the need to finalize contracts have pushed it back to February or later, according to two knowledgeable people. The crowded field of cablelike streaming services includes DirecTV Now, which AT&T ‘s ( T ) DirecTV satellite service launched in November, as well as […]

Wuaki, pas vu pas pris avec ses 4 millions d’utilisateurs

Netflix Conductor : A microservices orchestrator

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SVOD Is the Clear OTT Winner

Amazon Prime Instant Video’s expansion and the introduction of BritBox drive home the point: SVOD will be the leading OTT business model for the foreseeable future. Amazon’s global launch of Prime Video and the announcement by UK broadcasters BBC and ITV of a U.S. launch for a new streaming service BritBox should seal the deal for subscription on demand. SVOD has won. “In retrospewww.streamingmediaglobal.comct, if you were starting out a few years ago pushing video OTT then it is blindingly obvious that SVOD would be the most successful online video model,” says Ovum senior analyst Tony Gunnarsson. It is still early days, but the world has already been sliced up between the all-powerful Netflix and a handful of local or regional competitors. Multiple pay-TV OTT initiatives around the world indicate that OTT video is becoming increasingly core to service providers’ product portfolios. The Q1 2017 launch of BritBox is one example. The venture pairs BBC Worldwide, the commercial arm of the BBC, with commercial network ITV and U.S. network AMC (which partners with the BBC for cable channel BBC America). BritBox will offer a collection of British content including dramas that have long been unavailable in the U.S. such […]

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Netflix and Amazon drive Western European SVOD

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Digital Video Software Revenue to Exceed $9BN by 2021

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Offre cinématographique au sein de l’Union européenne : vidéo à la demande vs exploitation en salle

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La vidéo à la demande décolle en France

Pay-TV, SVOD soar in Spain

Pay-TV, SVOD soar in SpainSpain’s video scene has radically changed in the last couple of years, with both pay-TV and video-on-demand (VOD) subscriptions strongly on the up. As there is still room for growth, penetration of pay streaming services has doubled during the last 12 months, during which the market saw the arrival of Netflix . According to the Connected Life report by Kantar TNS, over 15% of Spaniards are currently paying for a subscription VOD service, while just 8% did so a year back. Such growth is not only driven by the arrival of the US SVOD leader, but also by local platforms like Movistar+’s Yomvi, or Filmin. The imminent premiere of HBO España . and the eventual arrival of Amazon Video are expected to draw even more consumers to the a la carte viewing model. According to Kantar , SVOD growth is related to the increase in pay-TV subscriptions in a market that has been traditionally reluctant to pay for video and TV services. The report points out over a third of Spanish homes have pay-TV, while penetration was at 20% by the end of 2013. In addition to changing consumption habits, Spaniards seem also to be increasingly adopting new […]

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L’investissement publicitaire appelé à doubler dans la vidéo

Les Français, et en particulier les jeunes, délaissent de plus en plus le bon vieux poste de TV. Les Français consomment de plus en plus de contenus audiovisuels en dehors du petit écran, une tendance appelée à s’amplifier. Morte et enterrée, la télévision ? Pas encore, mais elle se laisse de plus en plus distancer par la vidéo – au sens large. Certes, 81 % des personnes regardant du contenu audiovisuel (1) allument le bon vieux poste de télévision, mais ils sont tout de même 48 % à lui préférer d’autres formes de vidéos (vidéos en ligne, replay, streaming, etc.), selon un sondage en ligne de Publicis Média réalisé en partenariat avec Scholè Marketing auprès de 2.028 personnes. Plus précisément, les Français consacrent chaque jour 164 minutes (70 % du temps sur l’audiovisuel ) à la télévision en direct, 32 minutes à la télé délinéarisée (replay) et 39 minutes à d’autres contenus (vidéo à la demande par abonnement, vidéos en ligne, etc.). L’an dernier, c’était respectivement 171 minutes, 32 minutes et 32 minutes. Les jeunes regardent plus de la vidéo que la TV en direct Chez les jeunes (15-24 ans), les choses ont déjà basculé : 76 % regardent de la vidéo dite « avancée » (vidéo en ligne, replay, SVoD, VoD, DVD, Blu-ray, streaming, téléchargement, et enregistrement), pendant plus de deux heures en moyenne, contre seulement 61 % pour la télévision en direct. « Ils sont plus nombreux devant YouTube que devant TF1 ou M6 », relève Philippe Nouchi, expert Médias chez Publicis Média. Et 65 % d’entre eux consomment des contenus vidéo, hors télévision, tous les jours. La tendance à délaisser le petit écran devrait continuer, notamment parce que les Français sont de plus en plus équipés en box ou en tablettes. « La qualité des contenus […]

Dish Network: “OTT could be bigger than DTH”

Dish Network founder Charlie Ergen has said that OTT “has the potential to be as big or bigger than the DBS (ie DTH) business.” Speaking toa nalysts following Dish Network’s quarterly results, he said: “It’s the next way to watch live TV, right? Cable, then satellite and now, OTT because it has some built-in advantages, right? It’s immediate. It’s just an app so you don’t have to wait for an installer. You don’t have two-year contracts. You can watch on any device. The advertising can be more meaningful to you. It can be more directed to you. So there’s a lot of different things you can do with it.” Dish is already tapping into a potential audience of some 25 million US homes who do not subscribe to a conventional pay-TV service with its Sling TV service. Ergen admitted that some pay-TV services were subject to considerable churn, saying that seasonality, as well as some viewers coming into a service such as HBO just to “binge watch” shows such as Game of Thrones , and then immediately dropping the service until the next season of the show came along. He stressed that Dish was well placed. “There’s a lot of things that we put in place for depending on which way it goes and we’ve maintained the flexibility that we need here and the technology is not so easy to duplicate overnight. And so we think we’re positioned in whatever direction it goes.”

Why Amazon Prime, China And Video Are All Interlinked | LinkedIn

  • Last week two big events happened in Amazon Inc’s world. Firstly the retail giant announced the launch of its Prime express delivery service in the world’s largest e-commerce market, crucially without the additional Prime video streaming functionality. Secondly in its third quarter earnings call Amazon for the first time identified investment in video content as one of the three reasons why it failed to generate a net profit for its shareholders (the other two reasons were increased investment in fulfilment centres and developing the Echo product.) Both events are big moments in the evolution of Amazon’s corporate growth story.

European Audiovisual ObservatoryTransparency through information

European Audiovisual ObservatoryTransparency through informationFree Films on television – report released by the European Audiovisual Observatory for MIPCOM The 31% share of EU films breaks down into 16% of national and 15% of European non-national films, indicating significant circulation of European films. The number of film broadcasts increased by 12.4% between the 2011/12 and 2014/15 seasons studied but the actual number of films broadcast has decreased. So the number of broadcasts per film has increased. 45% of single titles broadcast were produced in Europe, 46% in the USA and 9% in ROW for the two seasons studied (2011/12 and 2014/15). Films on television – Origin, Age and Circulation This brand new report from the European Audiovisual Observatory, part of the Council of Europe in Strasbourg, has been published free on line in time for the 2016 edition of the MIPCOM. It provides an analysis of films programmed by a sample of 125 TV channels from 17 EU countries for two seasons: 2011/12 and 2014/15. Market share for European films Films produced in Europe accounted for 31% of films broadcast by the TV channels of the sample during the 2014-2015 season. This share is slightly lower when considering only prime-time hours (26%). The 31% share of EU films breaks down into 16% of national films and 15% of European non-national films, indicating a significant level of circulation of films as regards broadcasting on TV. The share of EU films increased for the 2014-2015 season when compared with 2011-2012, both for all day broadcasts (31% vs. 28%) and prime-time broadcasts (26% vs.23%). Fewer titles but more broadcasts The 125 TV channels of our sample broadcast 101 849 films (including repeats) during the 2014-2015 season, which amounts to more than 2.7 films broadcasts per day. Excluding repeats by the same TV channels, the 101 849 broadcasts […]

Les services de SVOD bouleversent le marché TV américain

Les services de SVOD bouleversent le marché TV américainSelon GFK, un simple service de SVOD ne serait pas suffisant pour les consommateurs « voraces » de vidéo. L’étude démontre, qu’aux Etats-Unis, 16% de la population des téléspectateurs (qui inclut tous les américains qui visionnent de la vidéo au moins une fois par semaine sur n’importe quel terminal. Soit 95% de la population américaine âgée de 13 à 64 ans) ont des abonnements multiples à la SVOD, contre 10% il y a 3 ans, c’est-à-dire une augmentation de 50% en 3 années. L’étude de GFK précise le profil de ces abonnés : ceux qui payent pour une combinaison entre Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu et les autres sites de SVOD, sont plus susceptibles d’avoir des enfants de moins de 18 ans dans leur foyer (50% contre une moyenne de 41% chez les autres téléspectateurs). Evidemment, ces téléspectateurs privilégient l’usage de leur téléviseur pour regarder les programmes en SVOD : 25% utilisent leur Smart TV pour streamer un service de SVOD. Dans le même temps, de plus en plus d’américains utilisent des “Digital Media Players” pour faire de la SVOD : les usages mensuels progressent régulièrement et Roku continue de dominer le marché. Ceux que GFK appelle les « self-bundlers » ont aussi des revenus supérieurs à la moyenne des téléspectateurs : 90.000 $ annuels contre 76.000$ et sont moins enclins à souscrire à des services de télévision payante traditionnelle : 67% contre une moyenne de 75% sur l’ensemble des téléspectateurs. Pour GFK, les téléspectateurs sont considérés comme des « Self bundlers » dès qu’ils sont abonnés à au moins 2 services de SVOD : 49% de cette population sont abonnés à au moins un de ces services ; 17% sont abonnés à Netflix et Amazon Prime ; 9% ont souscrit un abonnement à Netflix et Hulu Plus et 5% […]

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