Kobalt Secures $75 Million In Funding

Today, music industry powerhouse Kobalt Music Group announced a new massive growth capital round has been completed. The fundraising round that comes in at $75 million, which is an impressive sum for any company in the music space. The round was led by Hearst Entertainment, which is somewhat surprising, given the fact that the two firms aren’t exactly in the same field as one another.

Kobalt has been winning favor with many musicians and those in the industry over the past several years thanks to an innovative and far-reaching royalty collections platform, which has been helping not only some of the most famous faces in the music world but also thousands of smaller, indie acts when it comes to identifying what monies they are owed and actually collecting those sums. Finding money online has become increasingly difficult due to the rise of streaming, and many companies are playing catch up, with many introducing new technologies in the past few years to assist in the task of tracking down millions of fractions of cents.

Kobalt Names Laurent Hubert President, Richard Sanders to Leave in June

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Ole signs up with AMRA

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Kobalt hires Silvia Montello as SVP, Supply Chain and Client Services

PPL’s neighbouring rights revenue jumped 34% to £49.1m in 2016

AMRA signs ole partnership and talks Japan, PROs disruption

AMRA signs ole partnership and talks Japan, PROs disruption

One of the key part of AMRA’s pitch to companies like ole is its claim to be able to account 8-12 months faster by collecting directly from global services like Apple Music and Spotify.

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Vincent Clery-Melin exits Kobalt, joins Domino as MD

All Shook Up: Kobalt Strikes a Deal to Administer Elvis Presley’s Catalogue

Elvis Presley photographed in 1968. The King’s music will reign on through a new deal with Kobalt. Kobalt will administer and provide publishing services for a vast majority of the Elvis Presley catalogue of more than 1,000 songs, including such classics as “All Shook Up”, “Jailhouse Rock”, “A Little Less Conversation”, “Return to Sender”, “Can’t Help Falling in Love” and others through a new administrative agreement with Authentic Brands Group (ABG) and Elvis Presley Enterprises, LLC. The arrangement is effective from Jan. 1, 2017 and includes some of the “most desired tracks for film and TV trailers, soundtracks, and commercials,” notes Kobalt, the independent music services company, in a statement. Presley’s music continues to establish new records and find new fans almost 40 years after his death. The Wonder Of You (Legacy/RCA), a collection of re-workings of the late legend’s hits with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra , recently became Presley’s 13th U.K. No. 1 album — a record among solo artists. Only The Beatles have more No. 1s with 15. Presley also set a new record for the longest span between No. 1 albums in the U.K., having first topped the survey with his self-titled RCA debut in 1956. […]


How Kobalt Helps Creators Capitalize on YouTube

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Kobalt explains its Laura Marling Spotify ‘pre-save’ campaign

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Kobalt unveils new pre-save button with Laura Marling release

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Kobalt – SVP Of Royalties (UK)

Company Name: Kobalt Location: London Salary: Competitive Apply Via: https://boards.greenhouse.io/kobaltmusicgroup/jobs/485757?gh_src=t6eilc1#.WCNSZ8nl9f0 Closing Date: November 30, 2016 We are thrilled to announce a unique opportunity to be an integral part of Kobalt – the leading technology-powered music services company! As the SVP of Royalties , you will be responsible for Kobalt’s global royalties collection, processing and distribution function across our Publishing and Label services. You will lead a large multi-disciplined teams across these departments to manage the workflow and processes as well as recommend and implement long term change programmes. The success of this role is defined by championing our commitment to bring transparency to our clients. This means taking our already efficient collection and processing of revenue to the next level. Royalty tracking will be a key challenge you will overcome but with a dedicated operations and technical team you have all the resource you need to do a great job. Naturally we would expect you to be well versed and putting the case for change to senior stakeholders and then able to manage the implementation of a large scale change programme. If you feel like the fast-paced, rewarding environment of our rapidly growing company is for you – share your story! Apply today and tell us why you are the next best addition to our successful team! For more information and to apply, follow the link below! https://boards.greenhouse.io/kobaltmusicgroup/jobs/485757?gh_src=t6eilc1#.WCNSZ8nl9f0 JOB SUMMARY Reporting to the COO, as a senior member of the operations management team, this role will take responsibility for Kobalt’s global royalties collection, processing and distribution function. You will lead teams, manage workflow and processes as well as recommend and implement long term improvement change programmes. The success of this role is defined by the efficient collection/processing of revenue and the timely delivery of accurate statements across Kobalt’s global […]

Kobalt launches first Apple TV artist app with Placebo

Kobalt Label Services has launched the first Apple TV official artist app. Specifically designed for the latest version of Apple TV, the app is for British rock band Placebo, who signed their catalogue for digital services to Kobalt in January. Since doing that deal, KLS has quietly dropped Placebo’s music on Spotify. The band were previously long-time holdouts on the service. Kobalt says it ‘will allow fans to experience their favourite music videos alongside the live videos and exclusive content from the Placebo archives in their very own home’. The app also commemorates the 20-year-anniversary of Placebo’s self-titled debut album in 2016. “We see this as a unique way of bringing Placebo’s catalogue into the homes of existing and potential fans” said Anthony Crook, Riverman Management. “The Placebo Apple TV app allows the viewer access to videos from throughout the band’s twenty year career, including all of the single promo videos, live shows, bonus behind the scenes footage and never before seen content. “The most important element for us moving forward is that the app offers the band a platform to premiere and monetise future visual content or releases, as the market for the traditional formats continues to decline.” Kobalt says it will work closely with Placebo to expand and add additional content into the app over time. “This new technology will present Placebo’s catalogue in an entirely new way, giving the fans something unique in a space controlled by the artist,” said Paul Hitchman, President of Kobalt Label Services. “When the release of the new Apple TV was made, and the fact that it would for the first time have an app store, we saw this as an opportunity to be first in this new space.“

Kobalt’s AMRA signs its first global collection deal… with Apple

Kobalt’s very own collection society , AMRA, has signed its first global digital licensing deal and it’s a biggy – Apple Music. The agreement, which covers the globe outside the US and Canada, will see AMRA collect royalties for songwriters and publishers direct from Apple for usage around the world. AMRA represents Kobalt and its clients, including over 500 independent publishing companies such as B*Unique, Communion, Polar Patrol and Chris Blackwell’s recently-signed Blue Mountain Music. Traditionally, digital music services like Apple Music have required separate deals with numerous CMOs on a territory-by-territory basis to license repertoire worldwide. Kobalt told MBW that its licence agreement with Apple Music was “the first of a set of new global deals concluded by AMRA”. You can bet Spotify, and very possibly YouTube, are also on that shopping list… Kobalt has invited other publishing rights-holders – including the majors – to join AMRA, arguing that it can do a more cost-efficient job of collection that non-for-profit territory-specific societies. “I am thrilled by AMRA’s unique ability to make direct streaming deals with the leading streaming players.” Willard Ahdritz, Kobalt Digital platforms can currently obtain a Europe-wide license for repertoire through the likes of as Solar and ARESA – a process which is set to become even easier with the new PRS/STIM/GEMA hub launching next year. However, licensing the rest of the world usually requires a vast number of agreements with organisations in a string of individual countries. In some of these territories, particularly within Latin America and Africa, obtaining all due royalties has proven no easy task for songwriters and publishers in the past. [ READ : ‘Kobalt: Major publishers should come and join our collection society’] Powered by its KORE collection technology, Kobalt claims that ‘AMRA is uniquely able to process the billions of […]

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