Blockchain-powered copyright platform Binded receives $950K from Taizo Son and others

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Blockchain Startup Binded Raises $950k in Seed Round to Democratize Copyright

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Blockchain music service Aurovine has new features

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Spotify buys machine-learning startup Niland

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Guest Column: Blockchain and Music Data’s Byzantine Problem

Guest Column: Blockchain and Music Data’s Byzantine Problem

Guest Column: Blockchain and Music Data’s Byzantine Problem

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Blockchain to fundamentally change the society in which we live – Gartner – EconoTimes

Gartner, a leading research and advisory firm, sees significant potential in blockchain and distributed ledger technologies and consider it to be one of the ‘Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends for 2017’.

Speaking at Gartner Symposium/ITxpo on the Gold Coast, David Furlonger, research vice president and Gartner Fellow, said the implications of blockchain technology for our society go beyond our imagination.

“This is not about the technology, it’s about trust,” said Furlonger. “We now have a digital capability to represent any form of value that is privately issued – you can become your own banker, insurance agent or foreign exchange teller. What does that mean for how society operates today? What are the implications for governance, our tax system and our legal framework?”

10 Apr Four Use Cases of Blockchain Technology for Banks+”PDF”

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The sooner you know about decentralization, the better you can adapt

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Le blockchain advertising, remède miracle aux maux de la pub online ?

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Harvard Business Review: Blockchain Is Foundational, Not Disruptive

‘Blockchain saving the record industry? I don’t see it…’

Blockchain For Music: The Promise and Problems

Blockchain For Music: The Promise and ProblemsKnow who owns rights to what is one of the greatest challenges currently faced by the music industry as well as those involved in it. Many believe


Blockchain could completely transform the music industry

Cutting the Gordian knot: Blockchain and the music industry

Blockchain : Etat des lieux et prospective

C’était le mot magique de 2016 ; cristallisant tous les fantasmes, se parant de mille vertus, la «blockchain» a probablement atteint pendant l’année le pic de la hype, avec le deep learning et après le big data et l’IoTso 2015. Mais que se cache-t-il réellement derrière ce terme, où en est la technologie et que pouvons-nous en attendre en 2017 ?

Blockchain, qui es-tu, d’où viens-tu, que fais-tu ?

Qu’est-ce que la blockchain ? Sans revenir sur les bases techniques des chaînes de blocs, qui ont été abordées ici et plus largement ici, revenons sur ses caractéristiques, ce que cette technologie permet et qui suscite cette ferveur.

La promesse, c’est le stockage et la transmission d’actifs immatériels transparents, sécurisés et sans intermédiaire. Pour tenir cette promesse, la technologie doit offrir :

  • le stockage et la transmission d’informations : une base de données ;

  • entre personnes individualisées : utilisant des méthodes d’identification sécurisées et chiffrées ;

  • sans intermédiaire défini : distribuée entre ses participants ;

  • transparente : publique et librement accessible, au moins par ses utilisateurs ;

  • sécurisée : disposant d’un protocole de consensus résistant aux attaques.

On peut donc considérer que les technologies qui ne remplissent pas

The Hint of Blockchain

Digital currency sales take off, but with no regulation questions abound

Digital currency sales take off, but with no regulation questions aboundA Bitcoin (virtual currency) paper wallet with QR codes and a coin are seen in an illustration picture taken at La Maison du Bitcoin in Paris, France, May 27, 2015. REUTERS/Benoit Tessier/File Photo NEW YORK (Reuters) – A small, but rapidly growing number of digital technology start-ups is raising cash by creating and selling their own currencies in offerings that bypass banks or venture capital firms as intermediaries and are outside the reach of financial regulators. Investors are being drawn in on hopes that such “initial coin offerings” will match or exceed the performance of the first digital currency, bitcoin. For the sellers, the appeal of selling their own currencies, or tokens, to raise cash is enormous. There is no paperwork as would be required for a public securities sale. But the lack of regulatory oversight is raising red flags among some market experts and financial technology lawyers, some of whom even question the legality of the tokens. Joe Zhou says he needed just 58 seconds to sell enough tokens to meet the roughly $5.5 million fund-raising target for FirstBlood, the online gaming website he co-founded. “We had expected the sale to run for a month and we even […]

Denmark Plans to Issue Blockchain-Based E-krone as its Reserve Currency

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Beyond The Void, une startup française eSport et Blockchain

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Pourquoi il est urgent de monter un incubateur Blockchain en France | LinkedIn

La Blockchain est aujourd’hui un buzzword en passe de dépasser le Big Data en termes de notoriété comme le montre ce graphe sur Google Trends.

Mais l’engouement médiatique se justifie car cette technologie semble avoir le même potentiel de disruption que le web il y a 30 ans.

De nombreux secteurs vont être bouleversés, en commençant évidemment par la finance et l’assurance, mais également pour prendre quelques exemples : l’IoT, la sharing economy, les droits d’auteur, l’aide humanitaire, les tests médicaux, les notaires, voire le financement des start-ups via la DAO, etc.

The Blockchain Menu

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The Inevitable Blockchain [Infographic]

The Inevitable Blockchain [Infographic]Blockchain, the technology underpinning bitcoin, is one of the most important innovations since the development of the Internet. It has generated a lot of interest lately and it is likely to continue in view of the broadening adoption. The globe’s leading banks are starting to realize they need to embrace innovative technologies in order to stay competitive in today’s digitized world. Financial services providers are actively investing in various blockchain projects aimed at exploring the potential use cases of the technology. A major software solutions provider, Sopra Banking Software , has published blockchain infographics that highlight the main benefits of the techno
logy and analyze its potential role in the future of the banking industry. One of the most important benefits of the cryptocurrency technology, the company stated, is that it eliminates the need to deal with intermediaries. Unlike current centralized systems, which depend on a single entity, the blockchain has no central ledger. The distributed nature of approving transactions makes it hard to compromise the system. Voting management is one of the other areas that can be improved with the cryptocurrency technology. The use of the blockchain can retain the simplicity of electronic voting while providing an increased security. […]

The blockchain is the flying car of finance: buy a jet car – BNP Paribas Corporate & Institional Banking

The blockchain is the flying car of finance – and it has finally arrived. But before we take the wheel, we need to figure out how to regulate its use.

In 1969 a TV programme in the UK called “Tomorrow’s World” demonstrated a computer-run banking system which made payments between banks and shops via the phone network. Described as “the electronic equivalent of many thousand ledger clerks” the programme noted that £6 million of payments were ‘bounced’ each year as a result of cheques being written out for accounts that did not have the funds to support them.

“[The electronic system] is ‘bounce-proof’,” said reporter Derek Cooper. “It simply won’t work unless you have cash or credit at the bank.”

47 years later, we have not yet reached that reality. The system, at least in the UK, is still run on an overnight batch process; real-time processing still belongs to the future.

Thailand-based Copyrobo unveils blockchain-based copyright management service

“Blockchain” by deavmi. Licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0. As the official website of the U.S. Copyright Office notes, copyright protection for an original work of authorship subsists from the time that the work is created in fixed form . That is, once the work is created, U.S. copyright law considers the author of that work to hold copyright protection over the work, with or without copyright registration. However, the growth of digital forms of media has created a problem for copyright owners as it has become very simple for copyright protections to be infringed upon through content sharing. Consider the recent copyright infringement action filed against Donald Trump for his presidential campaign’s use of a copyright-protected picture on Twitter, allowing thousands of individuals to continue the copyright infringement by retweeting the original post. There are a multitude of publication services available through the Internet which greatly increases the ease of committing such infringement. A tech company situated in Thailand is hoping to offer a service which helps copyright owners manage their copyright-protected property more effectively. A recent press release from Copyrobo announced a web- and app-based service which can provide timestamped evidence of documents, video and music. The release […]

How blockchain startups are driving an under-the-radar fundraising boom

  • How blockchain startups are driving an under-the-radar fundraising boomFew investors even on Wall Street are aware that over $220 million has been raised in the past three years through Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs). ICOs are a new form of investment, somewhere between an IPO and a Kickstarter, in which new blockchain ventures sell a digital currency they create to use with their software before the software itself is written. ICOs are easy money nowadays, and I’ve participated in a few myself; but when it came to my own blockchain startup, I urged that we avoid this Wild West of finance. Not t
    hat there’s any doubt blockchain technology will see huge successes. Bitcoin and blockchain tech will change our lives as substantially as the personal computer and the Internet did before it. But while the word “dot-com” was on the tip of everyone’s tongue in the late ’90s, the blockchain investment boom is largely happening under the radar due to this ICO phenomenon. Just like early dot-coms, the problem with ICOs is there is simply not enough skepticism. With little more than a white paper and a website, teams have raised as much as $180 million from scores of individual investors. There is no fiduciary duty from the company to the investor and no real penalty for not living up to the hype. ICOs are typically open for investment for a certain duration of time, after which the funds are available to the startup. Nearly all the incoming funds are in the form of Bitcoin, but there is also a considerable ecosystem around Bitcoin’s primary competitor, Ethereum. At some point after the funds are raised, the organization issues investors units of the new digital currency. Because the currency derives its value from the software being built, it functions somewhat like an investment in the software project itself. To […]
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