Apple has 27 million Music subscribers, unveils HomePod

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Apple conserverait des données pourtant effacées sur iCloud

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All that free music on YouTube is good for you, Google tells music biz

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NMPA President David Israelite Discusses the Latest Music Streaming Issues, Including the Copyright Royalty Board Hearings

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Tech giants need to rein in powers before EU does

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Here’s the letter Spotify’s founders wrote to the EU complaining Apple and Google are abusive

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Les GAFA sont les prochains concurrents des groupes audiovisuels

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YouTube Unleashes The Power Of Live Streaming | Tim Mulligan | Pulse | LinkedIn

French Parliament Turns Down Bill to Tax Online Video PlatformsYesterday YouTube announced that it was opening up live streaming to its creator community who have a following of 1,000 or more on the YouTube platform. The new service called “Super Chat” allows users of the service to “get a creator’s attention” by buying a variety of emoji and chat messages which are then pinned to the top of the chat window for up to five hours. The launch of a sticker economy for YouTube creators is a nod in the direction of messaging app disruptors such as LINE and the $400 million sticker economy which has been nurtured in Asian messaging app communities. For a personality driven ecosystem such as the YouTube creator landscape, additional engagement opportunities for both creators and fans have significant potential.

Currently, the service is available on PCs or in the Android version of the YouTube app, suggesting that the parent company YouTube is sticking to its battle in the war of the platforms and is reluctant to share revenue with Apple (Apple’s app store takes a 30% revenue share of all apps sold through its platform and Super Chats purchase start at $1.)

Why Live Streaming YouTubers makes sense

Google’s support page for the new service proudly states that “Super Chats are for your personal

Global 500 : Google détrône Apple

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Apple’s international iTunes business moves to Ireland on Feb. 5

Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Netflix, and others’ tepid responses to Trump’s Muslim ban


Nielsen 2016 report: “Music consumption is at an all-time high”

In Apple-Spotify World, SoundCloud Can’t Find Room

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Dossier Apple : l’Irlande attaque l’UE en évoquant un “viol de souveraineté”

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Apple to appeal EU tax ruling this week, says it was a ‘convenient target’


Apple Music : une nouvelle offre à moitié prix pour les étudiants qui va te plaire

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Facebook Is Finally Ready To Become A Media Company

Facebook beat estimates with its latest earnings but announced that ad revenues would likely slow in 2017 as the digital ad market feels the pinch of advertiser budgets lagging the shift in user behaviour. Facebook’s stock fell by 7% but it already has Plan B in motion: to become a media company. Facebook delayed this move as long as it possibly could, showing little enthusiasm for getting bogged down with content licenses while it was able to drive audience growth and engagement by piggy backing other people’s content. That strategy has run its course. Facebook is now about to start looking and behaving much more like a media company, but in doing so it will rewrite the rule book on what a media company is. The Socially Integrated Web Back in 2011 I published a report ‘The Socially Integrated Web: Facebook’s Content Strategy and the Battle of the Ecosystems’. You can still download the report for free here. In it I argued that Facebook was starting out on a path to become a media company, but not the sort of media company anyone would recognise: Change is afoot in the Internet. Facebook’s new Socially Integrated Web strategy is set to make Facebook one of the most important conduits on the web. It is pushing itself further out into content experiences in the outside web while simultaneously pulling more of them into Facebook itself. Facebook is establishing itself as a universal content dashboard – a 21st century cable company for the Internet, a 21 st century portal – establishing its own content ecosystem to compete with the likes of Apple and Amazon. While traditional ecosystems are defined by hardware and paid services, Facebook’s is defined by data and user experience. Now with ad revenues set to slow, Facebook is flicking […]

Should The European Commission Penalize Google?

In April 2016, The European commission accused Google of abusing the market leadership of Android to prevent rivals from competing with alternative software and services. Google is now dismissing the claims . The stakes are relatively high – a potential fine of $7.4bn to be precise, 10% of Google’s global revenue. I’m not a legal or an EU/EC policy expert, but here are a few comments with my mobile media analyst hat on, as we watch this unfold: This is a case of ”he’s right, she’s right and the guy standing in the corner is also right”. Each side has a solid argument and it will all depend on from whose point of view this will be mostly judged. The end consumers? The app economy businesses? Telcos and manufacturers? The theoretical framework of competition? Is Google Officially Competing With Apple? One of the premises Google wants to reject is EC’s opinion that it does not compete with Apple, which would point to a more monopolistic status of Google/Android. If you are going by revenue composition, then indeed Google is officially not competing with Apple and EC may have a case. One is an ad company and the other is a hardware company. However, despite different end games, their strategies absolutely cross journeys on the operational level. Both companies are ultimately trying to deliver the best mobile experience possible to boost their respective revenue channels. And of course the market share of their respective platforms is important for both. Thus, from Google’s point of view, it does compete with Apple. The fact that Google is rolling out the Pixel Phone might help its case about direct competition, because they are now moving more visibly into smartphone sales (Nexus was more of a niche product). Penalizing Google May Not Necessarily Make […]

‘An incredible failure of leadership’: Apple’s car project seems wracked with internal strife

Apple’s ambitious car project is in danger of being cut, as hundreds of members of the team working on it have left or been reassigned, Mark Gurman and Alex Webb reported Monday at Bloomberg . The key to the report is that Apple’s car team has been rudderless and has had issues with direction and internal strife. “It was an incredible failure of leadership,” a source told Bloomberg . In fact, the division, codenamed “Project Titan,” has reportedly been given a deadline in late 2017 under its new leadership before the company decides whether the project is working or worth pursuing further, though the company could decide to revisit building its own car if it gets mothballed. The car didn’t have a clear direction for much of last year, the Bloomberg report said, with managers fighting battles over strategy disagreements — namely, whether to focus on hardware, one of Apple’s strengths, or to focus on self-driving software. That led to cuts, including more than 120 software engineers and several hundred hardware engineers. Recently, Apple has more closely focused on building an autonomous driving system instead of a complete car, which gives the company the possibility of partnering with existing carmakers. Steve Zadesky, the former head of Project Titan, was resassigned to a different position at Apple early this year. Taking over was Dan Riccio, Apple’s senior vice president of hardware engineering. More recently, Apple hired Dan Dodge, who previously created QNX, an operating system frequently used in cars, which was bought by BlackBerry. He works with Bob Mansfield, a longtime Apple executive who had to be dragged out of retirement. He was the exec who told the Project Titan team a major shift in direction from a Tesla competitor to driverless-car software. It’s hard to tell whether the issues […]

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