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Pourquoi l’Echo d’Amazon va changer la donne sur le streaming musical

Sprint buys 33 percent of Tidal, pair teaming to combat Apple Music, Spotify, Pandora

 Sprint buys 33 percent of Tidal, pair teaming to combat Apple Music, Spotify, PandoraSprint buys 33 percent of Tidal, pair teaming to combat Apple Music, Spotify, Pandora

Apple owns $246bn in cash. What’s it willing to spend on ruling music?

Apple owns $246bn in cash. What’s it willing to spend on ruling music?The MBW Review gives our take on some of the music biz’s biggest recent goings-on. This time, we look at Apple’s ridiculous mountain of money, while ponder what it might splash it on. The MBW Review is supported by FUGA . Apple has enough spare money to buy the entire music business. Just like that. According to its latest financial results, Apple Inc currently has a fictional-sounding cash position of $246.1bn – 94% of which ($231.3bn) is held outside the US. Judging by market caps and public valuations, Apple could snap up Vivendi ( $23bn ), Sony Corp ( $38bn ), ,

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AMRA signs ole partnership and talks Japan, PROs disruption

AMRA signs ole partnership and talks Japan, PROs disruption

One of the key part of AMRA’s pitch to companies like ole is its claim to be able to account 8-12 months faster by collecting directly from global services like Apple Music and Spotify.

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Spotify and Apple Music will struggle in China. Meet the reason why…


Updated! Streaming Price Bible w/ 2016 Rates : Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, Tidal, Amazon, Pandora, Etc.

Music Subscriptions Passed 100 Million In December. Has The World Changed?

YouTube loses US music streaming dominance as subscription plays jump 124%

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Music streaming hailed as industry’s saviour as labels enjoy profit surge

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Où se cache la magie des algorithmes de recommandation musicale ?

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How Amazon Plans to Frustrate Its Cloud Rivals

How Amazon Plans to Frustrate Its Cloud RivalsAWS Shield may shield Amazon from cloud competition As the leading provider of cloud computing platforms, Amazon ( AMZN ) faces constant threats from rivals seeking to take its market share. Aware of this challenge, Amazon developed AWS Shield, a cloud security solution designed to make its cloud service, Amazon Web Services (or AWS), more appealing and sticky. Amazon’s Cloud division is growing rapidly, posting 55% growth in 3Q16 and an annual revenue run rate of $13 billion. Additional features such as its cloud security service could further boost its growth rate. AWS Shield is a security service designed to help Amazon cloud customers guard against attacks, such as hackers generating junk data to jam traffic and deny legitimate access to websites. Premium version to cost $3,000 per month Amazon’s AWS Shield is available in two versions—AWS Shield Standard and AWS Shield Advanced. While AWS Shield is free and enabled by default for AWS customers, AWS Shield Advanced is the premium version of the security service. Costing $3,000 per month, AWS Shield Advanced is optimized to protect against aggressive traffic flooding attacks, also known as distributed denial-of-service (or DDoS) attack. On October 21, 2016, a DDoS attack rendered pockets […]

Brands Brief:AM/FM Radio Still Popular Amid Growth of Streaming Services

Top Stories Many people are still listening to AM and FM radio, even as Pandora is the leading streaming service among millennials and as purchased music remains popular, according to a new Morning Consult poll. ( Morning Consult ) Inc. is outpacing other retailers when it comes to holiday shopping, with more than 26 percent of consumers saying they do the bulk of their holiday shopping on Amazon. ( Forbes ) The NFL is testing a commercial package that would lessen the frequency and length of ads during games. ( Advertising Age ) A subsidiary of Publicis Groupe and two subsidiaries of Omnicom Group Inc. were subpoenaed by the U.S. Justice Department’s Antitrust Division in connection with a “bid rigging” investigation. ( Adweek )

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Apple to appeal EU tax ruling this week, says it was a ‘convenient target’


How Context Awareness Is The Next Frontier In The Music Industry

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Apple Music : une nouvelle offre à moitié prix pour les étudiants qui va te plaire

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Apple Music Refresh, Apple Music Best Practices Refresh

Last week, Apple released its new iOS 10 and with it, the new version of Apple Music we’ve been waiting for. Never ones to wait when we can dive in full steam, we’ve gone through its sleek new interface and updated our Apple Music Best Practices accordingly. These tips are as fresh as the new app. Images Don’t be a microphone — make sure your artist images are updated. Any artist for which an image has not been submitted appears on the service as a microphone. To get yours up there, use The Orchard Workstation’s Artist Builder tool. Select the correct artist profile and upload your images using the following naming convention: Gallery1Image1.jpg, Gallery 1Image2.jpg, and so on. This is key; improper naming will mean your images are not supplied to Apple. Note the following image specs carefully: Artist Images 2400×2400 pixels minimum size, do not upscale 72 dpi minimum 1:1 aspect ratio (square) JPG or PNG file type RGB colorspace Artist Gallery Images 2400 pixels on the shortest side, do not upscale 72 dpi minimum No restrictions to aspect ratio JPG or PNG file type RGB colorspace Once uploaded, please notify your client manager and send them this completed iTunes Image Submission Form . This is the only way they will know they are there, so do not forget this step! Of course, all images should be clear and of the highest quality possible. They should not be advertising any content, pricing or website, or include any iTunes or Apple logos. If you prefer to share your images with us through an FTP, please contact your client manager. Connect Guess what? Connect has come out of hiding. No longer hidden on another page, Connect is now more integrated into artist pages and the “For You” section of the […]

Kobalt’s AMRA signs its first global collection deal… with Apple

Kobalt’s very own collection society , AMRA, has signed its first global digital licensing deal and it’s a biggy – Apple Music. The agreement, which covers the globe outside the US and Canada, will see AMRA collect royalties for songwriters and publishers direct from Apple for usage around the world. AMRA represents Kobalt and its clients, including over 500 independent publishing companies such as B*Unique, Communion, Polar Patrol and Chris Blackwell’s recently-signed Blue Mountain Music. Traditionally, digital music services like Apple Music have required separate deals with numerous CMOs on a territory-by-territory basis to license repertoire worldwide. Kobalt told MBW that its licence agreement with Apple Music was “the first of a set of new global deals concluded by AMRA”. You can bet Spotify, and very possibly YouTube, are also on that shopping list… Kobalt has invited other publishing rights-holders – including the majors – to join AMRA, arguing that it can do a more cost-efficient job of collection that non-for-profit territory-specific societies. “I am thrilled by AMRA’s unique ability to make direct streaming deals with the leading streaming players.” Willard Ahdritz, Kobalt Digital platforms can currently obtain a Europe-wide license for repertoire through the likes of as Solar and ARESA – a process which is set to become even easier with the new PRS/STIM/GEMA hub launching next year. However, licensing the rest of the world usually requires a vast number of agreements with organisations in a string of individual countries. In some of these territories, particularly within Latin America and Africa, obtaining all due royalties has proven no easy task for songwriters and publishers in the past. [ READ : ‘Kobalt: Major publishers should come and join our collection society’] Powered by its KORE collection technology, Kobalt claims that ‘AMRA is uniquely able to process the billions of […]

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