Droits TV. Et si Facebook ou Google devenaient diffuseurs de la Ligue 1 ?

TV : C+ et Orange associés pour payer 1 milliard par an à la LFP ?Les droits audiovisuels de la Ligue 1 pourraient intéresser les géants du web américains comme Google, Amazon ou Facebook, à l’instar de BeIN Sports et Canal+. | AFP Les droits audiovisuels de la Ligue 1, qui doivent être remis en jeu après 2020, vont attirer les groupes de télévision payante, les opérateurs télécoms, mais pourraient aussi intéresser les Gafa (pour Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon), les géants de l’internet américain, a estimé mardi Didier Quillot, le directeur général de la Ligue de football professionnel (LFP). « Les droits du football ne sont plus seulement un business de “pay-TV” (chaînes payantes) » , à l’instar de Canal + , BeIN Sports ou Sky, a souligné Didier Quillot, le directeur général de la Ligue de football professionnel (LFP), au cours d’un colloque sur les médias et le numérique à Paris. « C’est clairement devenu un business de “pay-TV”, d’opérateurs télécoms et de Gafa » , a-t-il souligné commentant l ’acquisition par l’opérateur SFR des droits pour la diffusion de la Ligue des Champions et de l’Europa League en France, de 2018 à 2021, annoncée la semaine dernière. L’exemple d’Amazon en Bundesliga Didier Quillot a rappelé que l’opérateur BT sports avait acheté des […]

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Why streaming needs subscription bundles

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Should European operators worry about cord cutting as Amazon, Netflix push deeper into their market? Absolutely | JIM O’NEILL | Pulse | LinkedIn

When the Big Two come to play in your backyard, it’s time to up your game.

Netflix and Amazon have launched a push into Europe that will likely result in some bad nights of sleep for operators, pay-TV channels and broadcasters looking themselves to do more business over the top.

Both OTT players have long-term toe holds in Europe, pretty much since the dawn of streaming. Both were early into the United Kingdom – in one form or another – and used that base to help catapult them onto the continent, Netflix through the Netherlands and Amazon into Germany via its purchase of LoveFilms.

NMPA President David Israelite Discusses the Latest Music Streaming Issues, Including the Copyright Royalty Board Hearings

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This Map Reveals the Top 2017 Brands for each Country

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Année TV 2016 : l’audience fragmentée

Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Netflix, and others’ tepid responses to Trump’s Muslim ban


Netflix, Amazon may try to poach more content from SVOD rivals, media companies

Amazon Offers Sundance Film Selections Up to $100,000 Bonus for Exclusive Rights

Updated! Streaming Price Bible w/ 2016 Rates : Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, Tidal, Amazon, Pandora, Etc.

Amazon se lance à la poursuite de Netflix sur le marché de la SVOD

Nielsen 2016 report: “Music consumption is at an all-time high”

8 Major Trends That Will Come To Define The Year 2017 For Streaming Video

CES 2017: Streaming TV Enters the Age of Amazon

CES 2017: Streaming TV Enters the Age of AmazonABC If 2017 is the year streaming TV comes of age, Amazon looks poised to be its chaperone. At the opening media event of the annual Consumer Electronics Show on Tuesday, TheWrap came across two booths displaying similar-looking ultra-HD 4K smart TVs. One was from 130-year-old American brand Westinghouse, and the other from a relative startup called Element Electronics. But under the hood, they were both powered by the same Amazon engine: its Fire TV interface and Alexa smart voice assistant, which also works with pretty much every other smart home product, making it almost too convenient for the many smart TV owners who also have internet-enabled lights and appliances. Other competitors are hardly deferring to Amazon — Dish Network’s Sling TV is unveiling its AirTV Player peripheral this week, which blends a streaming box with an over-the-air receiver. But when streaming TV comes to conquer Hollywood — and content empires from Disney to AT&T are preparing for it — it might be dressed in Amazon’s anthropomorphic smile. CES 2017: Streaming TV Is Ready For a Huge Year, And Tech Can Make or Break It Easy controls can make or break streaming TV for convenience-minded cord-cutters. Netflix is a […]


In Apple-Spotify World, SoundCloud Can’t Find Room

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Netflix and Amazon drive Western European SVOD

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Quick Take: Amazon Music Unlimited Comes To The UK

Amazon announced the anticipated launch of Amazon Music Unlimited in the UK today. For my full take on Amazon Music Unlimited see my previous post here. Make no mistake, Amazon are taking this launch seriously, with a coordinated PR campaign and press release quotes not only from Amazon’s head of streaming music Steve Boom but also from Jeff Bezos himself. So why the big deal? Music is a low revenue, low margin business for Amazon, just as it is for Google and Apple. But that’s not the point. Music always plays a special role for tech companies, sometimes because the CEO is passionate about music, but normally because it is the service off which other things can be hung. Amazon, like Apple, is starting the transition towards becoming a services company. While Amazon has made much more progress on video than Apple has, it has made much less progress than Netflix has. Music is the wide appeal proposition that can be used to get people onto the first rung of the services ladder. Just like the CD got people onto the first rung of Amazon’s ladder back in the 90’s. Amazon’s approach to streaming music has thee notable assets that stand it apart from the pack: Targets mainstream music fans: 9.99 AYCE streaming services have drawn most of their users from music aficionados, super fans who like to spend money every month on music and who have the inclination and expertise to lean forward and routinely discover new music. Innovations like Discover Weekly and $1 for 3 months promotions from Spotify have helped broaden appeal but these are tweaks to the model, not revisions. Amazon set its sights on the more mainstream user with Amazon Prime Music, with a smaller, curated catalogue that is free to Prime Users. Pricing […]

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