About that Lyor Cohen YouTube blog: “The same old talking points dressed up”?

Lyor Cohen’s blog for YouTube (which we ran a news alert on yesterday evening) was always going to ruffle feathers. But then again Cohen has never been one to not ruffle feathers. Just under a year into the job as head of music at the video-sharing platform, this blog offered his most detailed overview of […]

YouTube’s Lyor Cohen: ‘The focus on copyright safe harbours is a distraction’

YouTube’s head of music Lyor Cohen has admitted that “there’s still a disconnect between YouTube and the rest of the industry” but maintains that the company is keen to continue building bridges with music rightsholders. “I get why some in the music industry would be skeptical of their relationship with YouTube. They were late to […]

Neil Finn talks livestreams, tech and social media’s evolution

As a founding member of both Split Enz and Crowded House, Neil Finn is New Zealand’s most successful musical export, and a multi-award-winning songwriter. As well as being hugely prolific, he was an early convert to the power of live streaming, regularly broadcasting performances since 2001. His latest project is a series of Friday-evening (NZ […]

Brazilian artist Anitta signs with Shots Studios in video deal

Anitta and her team are doing a pretty good job already of building her audience through online videos: The Brazilian singer’s YouTube channel has 5.1 million subscribers and just under 1.7bn views so far. Now she has signed a deal with digital-video agency Shots Studios, which will be managing her and developing more video content. […]

YouTube Red and Google Play Music to merge says Lyor Cohen

Why does Google need to have two music-subscription services? It’s a question that’s been discussed by a fair few music-industry people in recent years. Now it seems that YouTube’s global head of music Lyor Cohen has been asking the same question. And, indeed, answering it with a new plan. “The important thing is combining YouTube […]

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