Study claims social media ‘increases depression and loneliness’

You know what makes us feel sad? Studies about how social media makes people feel sad. The latest comes from the University of Pennsylvania, based on an experiment involving 143 people completing a survey about their mood and wellbeing, while also sharing screenshots of their iPhone battery screens (which shows how long they’ve been spending on […]

Help Musicians UK launches £200k fund for independent musicians

Music-industry charity Help Musicians UK has launched a new ‘Do It Differently’ fund aimed at independent musicians, which will start with £200k to distribute. Producers, composers, songwriters, musicians, singers, DJs and beatboxers are being invited to apply for up to £3k each for “developing experience in touring or recording”, while a further £2k will be […]

Mind State compilation raises awareness for mental health support

Mind State Vol 1 (out today – 8th June) is a new compilation from the drum & bass world, compiled and arranged by Ben Verse, former MC in Pendulum. Released by Getahead Records/AEI Media, it is designed to raise money for, an awareness of, Help Musicians UK (HMUK) and get the dance community to eradicate […]

Healthy startup life: ‘Read more books and less tweets’

When Alex Kennedy founded his own startup, he was excited about the potential. What he didn’t realise was that the ride would be an emotional and financial rollercoaster. The post Healthy startup life: ‘Read more books and less tweets’ appeared first on Music Ally. Source: Music ally

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