“I want everything available digitally”: Danny Bennet, head of Verve, on how digital is regenerating classical and jazz

  In a recent issue of Sandbox, we spoke to the team behind the release and marketing of the “lost” 1963 John Coltrane album Both Directions At Once. In that campaign focus, Danny Bennett, president & CEO of Verve Label Group, talked about how his label made the album launch “an event” by treating it […]

Sandbox Issue 211: At The Sharp End. What To To (and not do) When a Song Suddenly Spikes

Lead: Songs can spike for a multitude of reasons – and often the spike is part of the marketing plan and therefore anticipated (or at least hoped for). But songs can also spike for esoteric reasons or just through sheer luck. Distinct from viral hits (ephemeral and often the start of the end of a […]

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