Social music app TikTok gains momentum in the US

Based on app-store charts in the west, Chinese social-music app TikTok is picking up a fine head of steam, following its merger with earlier this year. Now there is more data on that from tech site The Verge, which claims that TikTok now has six million monthly active users in the US alone, where it’s […]

Instagram ‘edges’ Snapchat as US teenagers’ favourite social app

This is far from the biggest surprise you’ll read in your inbox this week, but Instagram appears to have overtaken Snapchat in popularity among American teenagers. This, at least, is the claim in research firm Piper Jaffray’s latest ‘Taking Stock With Teens’ survey, which quizzed 8,600 US teens about their consumer habits – from shoes to […]

eMarketer breaks down US digital-video advertising predictions

Research firm eMarketer has published its latest predictions for digital video advertising in the US, which includes a new number for YouTube. “This year, YouTube will generate $3.36 billion in net US video ad revenues, up 17.1% over last year,” claimed eMarketer. “YouTube now derives 73% of its ad revenues from video in the US. YouTube […]

RIAA criticises new US trade agreement with Mexico and Canada

President Trump was certainly happy with the new United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA) trade deal that he announced yesterday, describing it as “one of the most advanced trade deals” in the world that’s “truly extraordinary for US, Canada and Mexico”. The post RIAA criticises new US trade agreement with Mexico and Canada appeared first on Music […]

US ‘plateaued’ in internet, social media and device ownership

US research organisation the Pew Research Center is on a run of interesting reports this autumn, with its latest focusing on internet and social media usage, as well as device ownership in the US. The headline: all three metrics have “plateaued”. “The shares of U.S. adults who say they use the internet, use social media, own […]

Nielsen publishes its latest US research on smart speakers

2018 has seen a regular flow of surveys and studies showing the growth of smart-speaker ownership, particularly in the US, which remains the biggest market for these devices. The post Nielsen publishes its latest US research on smart speakers appeared first on Music Ally. Source: Music ally

Cheaper smart-speakers are selling strongly in the US

The latest research from Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIRP) on the US smart-speaker market is making headlines for its views on Apple’s HomePod – but we think it highlights a bigger trend. “Across the market, consumers migrated to the lowest-priced models,” claims CIRP about the latest market data. “For the two biggest competitors, Echo Dot accounts for […]

Last-minute negotiations see Music Modernization Act passed

Former Manchester United boss Sir Alex Ferguson wasn’t just one of the greatest football managers of all-time: he also came up with some of the best soundbites. Particularly “squeaky bum time” – the phrase he used once to describe the period at the crunch point of the football season, when managers would be squirming about […]

Music Biz / AudienceNet study explores US music-listening habits

Industry organisation Music Biz and research firm AudienceNet have published their latest study of US music habits, based on a survey of 3,000 Americans in July 2018. Among its findings: 20% said their favourite media/entertainment activity is listening to music: level with streaming video and ahead of viewing social-media content (19%), watching terrestrial TV (17%), playing […]

US now has 51m music subscribers claims MusicWatch

Research firm MusicWatch has published its latest estimates on the US music-streaming market, claiming that there are now 51 million subscribers in the country. That would be a decent increase from the 35.3 million reported by the RIAA in its end-of-year statistics for 2017 – although that was an annual average over the year, rather […]

48% of Americans predicted to own smart speakers by Christmas

We’ve seen some bold predictions about smart-speaker sales in the rest of 2018: in July, research firm Canalys claimed that there would be 100m of these devices in use globally by the end of the year. Now a study published by Adobe, and focusing on the US market, has its own prediction that’s making headlines: that by the […]

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