Tencent Xiaowei virtual-assistant will link to QQ Music

Just as Apple gets set to launch its HomePod (Siri voice-assistant included) in China, so local tech giant Tencent is preparing to launch a new smart-assistant of its own. It’s called Xiaowei, and according to Bloomberg will make its debut within Tencent’s hugely-popular WeChat messaging app. “The assistant will link to a plethora of Tencent’s […]

Report 419: The 40 Trends of 2018

“May you live in interesting times,” runs the old Chinese curse. The music industry has certainly done that, through the last two decades of digital disruption. Typical to form, 2018 was very interesting indeed. For our review of the year, we’ve picked the 40 trends that shaped 2018 for our industry. Spotify adapted to life […]

Tencent Music may start trading publicly on 12 December

Hold that speculation that Tencent Music’s IPO may slip into 2019. The post Tencent Music may start trading publicly on 12 December appeared first on Music Ally. Source: Music ally

Report suggests Tencent Music IPO could slip to 2019

Will Chinese streaming giant Tencent Music go public this year? Perhaps not. The company delayed its planned IPO from October, but as Reuters reports, the intention was still to float in November. “Now, the last mega US IPO of the year faces a still-weak mood towards tech stocks and ongoing market jitters ahead of next […]

Tencent Music IPO on hold amid market turbulence?

There has been growing excitement and anticipation around the planned IPO of Chinese mega-company Tencent Music Entertainment Group (TMEG). At the start of the month it even filed its IPO documents which gave a revealing insight into the company, its business models and its growth targets (as well as confirming that Sony and WMG have […]

10 things we learned from Tencent Music’s IPO filing

Tencent Music published its filing to go public last night. We’ve been filleting the document to pull out some of the most interesting data and strategic titbits on the Chinese digital-music company. 1.  The big figures Tencent Music’s total revenues were RMB 10.98bn in 2017 (that’s $1.66bn) having grown by 151.8% year-on-year. The company recorded a net […]

Tencent Music reportedly set for $3.1bn revenues in 2018

We’re still waiting for the official publication of Tencent Music’s filing for an IPO in the US, which will provide bags of metrics on the company’s music-streaming services. The post Tencent Music reportedly set for $3.1bn revenues in 2018 appeared first on Music Ally. Source: Music ally

Report: Tencent Music halves amount sought in IPO to $2bn

We’re eagerly awaiting more public details on Tencent Music’s IPO in the US, which will give the industry a deeper insight into the figures and trends around the Chinese company’s music-streaming services. Its filing hasn’t been published yet, but it seems there are some late shifts in the plans for going public. Reuters reported this morning that […]

Beggars Group China strategy: ‘We have a real issue with exclusivity’

“China was my hobby for the best part of 10 years: something which the company allowed me to run as a hobby on the side as long as I wasn’t spending too much money. It was five years before we made any money whatsoever, and 10 years until we felt we had a business…” Simon […]

Merlin signs deals with NetEase, Tencent and Alibaba in China

Indie licensing agency Merlin has announced agreements with the three biggest music-streaming service owners in China: Tencent, NetEase and Alibaba. The deals will see the catalogue represented by Merlin – music from more than 20,000 independent labels and distributors – made available on Chinese streaming services including NetEase Cloud Music, Xiami, QQ Music, Kugou and […]

Sony Music launches dance label with Tencent Music

Fresh from its stock-swap with Spotify, Tencent Music has another interesting partnership with a western firm: Sony Music. The pair have teamed up to launch Liquid State, a label that will focus on dance music from Asian artists, as well as live events. “Liquid State has been created to support and enhance the discovery and development […]

Paid online-music market tipped to grow 59% in China

The market for ‘paid online music’ in China is expected to grow by 59% this year to $455m according to research firm iResearch, whose prediction is quoted prominently in the Financial Times’ latest piece on China. It focuses on the evolving dynamics of the Chinese streaming market, where the exclusive licensing deals signed by Tencent […]

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