YouTube debuts student subs as originals strategy evolves

YouTube has followed other music-streaming services in launching cut-price subscriptions for students, albeit only in the US for now. Full-time students at accredited colleges or universities there will be able to get YouTube Music Premium for $4.99 a month, or YouTube Premium for $6.99 a month – although they can ‘lock in’ the latter for $5.99 […]

Record Union wants indie acknowledgment from streaming playlists

Digital music distributor Record Union has launched a campaign targeted at music-streaming services on behalf of independent artists. But it’s not demanding higher royalties or more playlist slots, but rather some way of acknowledging on their platforms when music is ‘independent’. “We want independent music creators to have the ability to tag their music in […]

Tencent Music may start trading publicly on 12 December

Hold that speculation that Tencent Music’s IPO may slip into 2019. The post Tencent Music may start trading publicly on 12 December appeared first on Music Ally. Source: Music ally

Huawei claims its music-streaming service has 100m users

Chinese technology company Huawei makes a range of products, including smartphones, for which it has big ambitions. The post Huawei claims its music-streaming service has 100m users appeared first on Music Ally. Source: Music ally

Songwriter Sam Barsh publishes ‘shocking’ royalty figures

From the outside, Sam Barsh looks like a pretty successful songwriter, with credits on more than 100 songs including tracks by Kendrick Lamar, Anderson.Paak and Logic. But in a post on Facebook, he has published royalty figures that he suggests “will be shocking to many of you” reading. The figures cover royalties from sales, streams, […]

African telco MTN buys music-streaming service Simfy

In Europe, we knew Simfy as a German music-streaming service – one of the first to launch in that country – which ran in to problems in 2015 before striking a deal with Deezer to transfer its subscribers over to that service. However, Simfy continued to be a standalone music-streaming service in Africa, and now […]

Amazon Alexa gets artist notifications… and a Little Mix AAA skill

Spotify’s Release Radar and Apple Music’s New Music Mix are high in the minds of music marketers in 2018. They’re figuring out what ‘signals’ (for example: following an artist’s profile and saving their music to your collection) have an impact on the recommendation algorithms for those playlists, and trying to drive fans to do those […]

Study: listeners have more passion for streaming than radio

It’s no secret that music-streaming services are gunning for radio both in terms of attracting its listeners and peeling off more of its advertising revenues. “The 20-year trend here is linear dies, everything on-demand wins. Instead of free / paid, it’s paid plus free, and free eats broadcast radio,” as Spotify CFO Barry McCarthy put it […]

Yandex.Music has 20m active users – and now it’s in Israel

Russian music-streaming service Yandex.Music was rumoured to be planning a launch in Israel, and this week it’s happened. It’s the first time the service, run by internet giant Yandex, has expanded outside the former Soviet Union. One interesting aspect of the launch: the chance to get a ‘lifetime’ 50% discount on the cost of a […]

Streaming and piracy star in IFPI’s 2018 consumer-insight report

Global industry body the IFPI has published its latest ‘Music Consumer Insight Report’, which is based on a survey by market-research firm AudienceNet earlier this year. The trends it outlines will not come as a surprise, but the data is useful nonetheless. On average, consumers spend 17.8 hours a week listening to music; 86% of them […]

‘Ethical Pool’ idea could let fans choose user-centric royalties

Industry blog Music Tech Solutions has been thinking about the debate around ‘user-centric’ streaming royalties. That’s where the royalties from every paying streamer’s monthly subscription are divided only between the artists they listen to, rather than going into a bigger pool divided by overall listening share on the entire service. MTS’ new idea: let fans choose […]

Beat Hazard 2 game ‘listens’ to streaming music for soundtrack

Game soundtracks are a meaningful part of the music-synchronisation pie, but what happens when games start sourcing their music through alternative sources to its rightsholders? The post Beat Hazard 2 game ‘listens’ to streaming music for soundtrack appeared first on Music Ally. Source: Music ally

Blockchain startup to launch streaming service

Another day, another blockchain startup promising to (in the words of its launch announcement) “revolutionise the global music industry”. And we’re at the point in, as research firm Gartner puts it, the ‘trough of disillusionment’ around blockchain startups and token sales that a lot of people in that global music industry will simply roll their […]

Deezer says podcast listening on its service has grown by 146%

Growth stats as percentages without the actual before-and-after numbers can be misleading: if the original base is very small, the significance diminishes. So, Deezer’s claim yesterday that its monthly podcast streams are up 146% globally since 2017 is hard to gauge, given that it didn’t say how many streams that amounted to in 2017 or […]

Classical streaming service Idagio raises $11.7m funding round

We’ve seen a few streaming services focusing on classical music launch in recent years, although as yet none have managed to create a symphony of success in terms of signing up subscribers. Can Idagio buck the trend? The German startup is already available in 130 countries, and says that it has signed up more than 250,000 registered […]

Analysts give their views on SiriusXM / Pandora acquisition

Analysts have been publishing their views on the implications of SiriusXM’s proposed acquisition of Pandora, and it’s fair to say many of them are taking a wait-and-see approach. Goldman Sachs highlighted the ‘go-shop’ provision in the deal that allows Pandora to seek out a better offer, and suggests that “the value of Pandora as an […]

Analyst claims Apple Music has an ‘iOS ownership advantage’

You may have seen some headlines overnight about Apple Music ‘converting’ people to subscribers at a rate “2.5x faster than Spotify”. But what does this mean, given that the two services have different funnels – a fully-free ad-supported tier for Spotify and a time-limited free trial for Apple Music? It’s worth following the headline trail […]

Led Zeppelin Experience may offer streams of concert recordings

It’s been a long time since they rock and rolled: the last time Led Zeppelin played live was for a one-off reformation in December 2007, and since then hopes of further concerts featuring the surviving members of the band have ebbed away. However, they may be planning another live-related venture: a service for streaming recordings […]

Indian offline music service Carvaan gets a premium version

‘Offline’ music? That’s the raison d’etre of something called Carvaan in India: a portable music player launched by Saregama that is preloaded with 5,000 ‘evergreen’ songs in Hindi, Bengali, Tamil and Marathi versions, and which is thus aimed at older people who may not have reliable-enough internet access to stream music. The premium version of […]

Report: Tencent Music halves amount sought in IPO to $2bn

We’re eagerly awaiting more public details on Tencent Music’s IPO in the US, which will give the industry a deeper insight into the figures and trends around the Chinese company’s music-streaming services. Its filing hasn’t been published yet, but it seems there are some late shifts in the plans for going public. Reuters reported this morning that […]

Spotify says non-US country streaming-share is up 21% since 2015

One of the themes Music Ally explored in our recent report on country music was how streaming is helping the genre and its emerging artists find new audiences abroad. Now Spotify has published a blog post on the trend to celebrate International Country Music Day. “While the bulk of country listening takes place in the US, we’ve […]

US now has 51m music subscribers claims MusicWatch

Research firm MusicWatch has published its latest estimates on the US music-streaming market, claiming that there are now 51 million subscribers in the country. That would be a decent increase from the 35.3 million reported by the RIAA in its end-of-year statistics for 2017 – although that was an annual average over the year, rather […]

Duelling billboards as Apple and Spotify promote Nina Nesbitt

We’ve seen a few stories in recent years about artists being penalised (promotion-wise) on one streaming service because they’ve done a deal with another – Apple Music and Spotify usually being the cited services. Nicki Minaj’s recent criticism of Spotify for allegedly reining in its promotion for her new album ‘Queen’ after it debuted (slightly) […]

Sandbox Issue 211: At The Sharp End. What To To (and not do) When a Song Suddenly Spikes

Lead: Songs can spike for a multitude of reasons – and often the spike is part of the marketing plan and therefore anticipated (or at least hoped for). But songs can also spike for esoteric reasons or just through sheer luck. Distinct from viral hits (ephemeral and often the start of the end of a […]

Report 417: Islands in the Streams

This month’s report focuses on country music and how the genre is finally leaning in to streaming, with the major streaming services also making it a priority. We’ve talked to Amazon, Spotify, YouTube and the Nashville arms of UMG, Sony/ATV and Warner/Chappell among others to uncover what’s happening with country and streaming, and where it […]

Sandbox Issue 210: Bounty Hunters. The Buried Treasure of Affiliate Marketing

Lead: Affiliate marketing in music used to mean taking a few pennies from download sales that you drove on iTunes or CDs that you pushed on Amazon. But with Apple Music offering significant bounties for driving subscriptions – one factor behind its reported overtaking of paying Spotify users in the US – the stakes have […]

Sandbox Issue 207: God Save The Streams

Lead: Just 18 months ago, pre-saves were a breath of fresh air for marketers struggling to stand above the cattle run of global releases on a Friday. But as they become ubiquitous, it is almost back to square one with everyone finding themselves lost again in the tumult. We look at what needs to be done […]

Digital Account Manager – AWAL – London

As the streaming landscape is continuing to grow and change, AWAL is looking for a personable as well as analytical Digital Account Manager to join our Global Digital Accounts team. This amazing opportunity will allow you to work with an incredibly diverse roster of up and coming as well as established acts, helping to drive […]

Sandbox Issue 206: Appetite for Consumption

Lead: The album exclusive is pretty much dead. But in its place has come the growing demand from DSPs for bespoke and unique content. They all want to be serviced with something their rivals don’t have – but this is a huge time (and cost) drain on artists and labels. On top of this are […]

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