Facebook: the future of sharing may be about stories and messaging

Big technology firms are enduring choppy waters on the stock markets, and Facebook in particular is having a 2018 best described as ‘difficult’. There was plenty of attention, then, on the company’s latest quarterly financial results last night, and what the various privacy and political issues have meant for its business. The topline? Mark Zuckerberg isn’t on […]

Facebook and Messenger stories now have 300m daily users

The ‘stories’ format within social apps is now a pillar of the social-media world, having been pioneered by Snapchat, then copied and developed by Instagram and others. Facebook included: it has ‘stories’ in its main app as well as Facebook Messenger, although they aren’t talked about that much compared to Snapchat and Instagram’s versions. Anyway, […]

Instagram stories now have 400m users… and licensed music to soundtrack them

Instagram has announced its latest milestone tonight: more than 400 million people are using its ‘stories’ feature every day to share photos and video clips on an ephemeral basis. There’s also a new feature for those people to play with: music. Instagrammers can now add music to their stories, thanks to Facebook’s recent set of […]

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