BTS member Jimin breaks SoundCloud’s first-day streams record

Jimin, one of the members of K-Pop stars BTS, started 2019 in impressive style, by breaking SoundCloud’s record for most first-day streams of a track. Jimin uploaded a song called ‘Promise’ on 31 December, and it raced to 8.5m SoundCloud streams in its first 24 hours, smashing the record held by Drake’s ‘Duppy Freestyle’, which […]

SoundCloud opens up its Premier monetisation program

SoundCloud has thrown the doors open wide to its SoundCloud Premier program, which enables independent artists to make money from streams of their tracks on its service. Any SoundCloud Pro and Pro Unlimited creators – those who pay a subscription for extra tools around their uploads and profiles on SoundCloud – can now join the program. CEO […]

SoundCloud starts recording artist sessions in its Berlin studio

SoundCloud is the latest music-streaming service to start recording exclusive sessions in its own studio – in this case, in the company’s Berlin studio. The sessions will be branded ‘First on SoundCloud: Studio Sessions’ and will focus on “emerging creators who began their careers first on SoundCloud, and the creative journey of their newest track”. First […]

SoundCloud says it surpassed $100m of revenues in 2017

SoundCloud CEO Kerry Trainor has been talking to the Financial Times about what he says is a corporate comeback for the streaming service, following its troubles of 2017. According to Trainor, SoundCloud’s revenues last year surpassed its goal of $100m, with its user base growing in each of the last three quarters after an (underreported […]

‘First on SoundCloud’ program will celebrate early creators

For all its troubles in the last year, SoundCloud still elicits affection from a lot of artists who made their first moves on the platform – including some who’ve since become global stars. Now the streaming service is flagging that up much more prominently with a new initiative called ‘First on SoundCloud’. It’s partly about […]

SoundCloud: ‘Do not think of us [just] as a streaming service… we’re a form of social media’

How did Chance the Rapper, Lil Uzi Vert and other artists have such success building an audience on SoundCloud? Because they saw it as more than just a music-streaming service. That’s according to SoundCloud’s director of label relations Julia Killer, who was talking at the FastForward conference in Amsterdam last week. “Do not think of […]

SoundCloud revamps app home screen with playlists and recommendations

SoundCloud is redesigning its app’s home screen with more focus on playlists and recommendations, including two new own-brand playlists showcasing trending hip-hop and dance tracks. The app’s homepage will now be based around sideways-scrolling carousels of playlists and albums, some of which will be tuned to the listener’s tastes. These will include ‘More of what […]

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