Pandora debuts its Podcast Genome Project for recommendations

Pandora has launched its Podcast Genome Project, which aims to do for podcasts what its famous Music Genome Project does for music – blend human and algorithmic curation to make recommendations to its listeners. For now, the new tech is in beta for “select listeners on mobile devices” on Pandora’s streaming service, although it’s inviting people […]

Pandora financial results reveal subscriptions growth but active-listeners decline

US streaming service Pandora is in the process of being bought by satellite-radio company SiriusXM, but for now it remains an independent, public company. That’s why we got its latest quarterly financial results last night, albeit without an earnings call for analysts thanks to that in-progress acquisition. Pandora’s quarterly revenues grew by 10.3% year-on-year to $416.6m, although […]

Sandbox Issue 214: Radio Ahead. Pitching to the non-traditional radio giants

Lead: In the good old days, you could just employ a plugger to get your songs played on radio (or, if you had deep pockets and shallow morals, you could engage in some light payola). Today what “radio” actually is has twisted and turned so much as to be unrecognisable and the old ways of […]

Facebook Portal smart speakers include Spotify, Pandora and iHeartRadio partnerships

Facebook has finally unveiled its first two smart speakers: the Portal and Portal+. Well, we say smart ‘speakers’ – like Amazon’s Echo Show, these devices have screens built in too. Facebook’s new devices are available initially in the US, pre-orderable from today and shipping in November. They use Amazon’s Alexa for their voice-control features, while […]

Next Big Sound opens up its Pandora data on artists

Music-streaming service Pandora’s analytics division Next Big Sound is opening up its data, in an effort to give Pandora metrics a higher profile within the music industry. Until now, artists, managers and labels could see metrics like spins, interactive plays, thumbs ups and station adds for their own artists and tracks, but not others. That’s […]

Analysts give their views on SiriusXM / Pandora acquisition

Analysts have been publishing their views on the implications of SiriusXM’s proposed acquisition of Pandora, and it’s fair to say many of them are taking a wait-and-see approach. Goldman Sachs highlighted the ‘go-shop’ provision in the deal that allows Pandora to seek out a better offer, and suggests that “the value of Pandora as an […]

SiriusXM to buy Pandora: ‘We would benefit from a free funnel’

By now you’ll likely know that US satellite-radio firm SiriusXM has announced plans to buy streaming service Pandora, in a transaction valuing the latter company at $3.5bn. The deal follows SiriusXM’s $480m strategic investment in Pandora in 2017, which had seen its chairman, CEO and CFO appointed to Pandora’s board of directors. SiriusXM says that […]

Spotify could overtake Pandora in the US by 2022; but is a ceiling being hit?

The latest forecast from eMarketer claims that a sharp growth in adoption of Spotify and a slowdown in the adoption of Pandora will see the former overtake the latter in the US within the next five years. The research company suggests that Pandora will have 75.9m users this year compared to 58.4m for Spotify (split […]

Pandora starts testing its own personalised playlists

Spotify has Discover Weekly, Release Radar and Daily Mix. Apple Music has My New Music Mix and My Favourites Mix. Now Pandora is launching its own personalised playlists for listeners. Well, it’s testing them with a “small group” of its Premium subscribers anyway. And Pandora is going bigger with the number of playlists: more than […]

Linkfire gets a deeper data partnership with Pandora

Linkfire has become a popular tool for music marketers using ‘smart links’ to direct fans to artists’ music on digital services, while getting analytics back from those clicks. Now the company has announced a deeper partnership with one of those services, Pandora, which will be providing Linkfire with “advanced attribution data” for its customers to […]

Pandora lays off 5% of staff as value shrinks for Sirius XM

It’s just over a year since Pandora laid off 7% of its staff in the US in order to “to focus and realign existing resources on execution and make further investments in product innovation to drive advertising revenue and subscription growth”. Now it’s in for another round of layoffs, this time “an organisational restructuring designed to […]

Pandora was fourth top non-game app for revenue in 2017

Pandora was the fourth biggest non-game app across Android and iOS in 2017 in terms of revenues, according to app analytics firm SensorTower’s end-of-year report. Its analysis of in-app purchases ranks Pandora behind only Line, Tinder and chart-topper Netflix – with the latter thought to have earned $510m from in-app subscriptions in 2017, up from […]

Pandora wants to create ‘the podcast genome project’

Pandora signalled its interest in the world of podcasts in late 2015 when it became the ‘exclusive streaming partner’ for the second series of podcast Serial. Now its recently-appointed CEO Roger Lynch says the company is ready to double down with the intention of creating “the podcast genome project” – referring to its famous system […]

Pandora taps its curators for 250+ ‘featured playlists’

As a free radio-style streaming service, Pandora has always been focused on ‘stations’ rather than playlists. But now with its premium tiers, the company is starting to follow its rivals in that space by curating playlists too. “Today we launched Featured Playlists to help you find the perfect jam to set the mood for any […]

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