Fender on its music-learning move: ‘We’re not Guitar Hero’

“This fundamentally changes the nature of how we talk to beginner guitar players. We’ve always sold them guitars and amps, but we’ve never been part of the learning process other than ‘here’s the instrument’. Now we’re saying come back: we’ll teach you how to use it…” Chances are you know Fender makes guitars and amps, […]

Neil Finn talks livestreams, tech and social media’s evolution

As a founding member of both Split Enz and Crowded House, Neil Finn is New Zealand’s most successful musical export, and a multi-award-winning songwriter. As well as being hugely prolific, he was an early convert to the power of live streaming, regularly broadcasting performances since 2001. His latest project is a series of Friday-evening (NZ […]

Disney pulling out of Netflix to launch own video service

The differences between the video and music-streaming worlds have been highlighted again, with the news that Disney is pulling its content from Netflix at the end of 2018. Why? Because the company is planning to launch its own video-streaming service in the 2019, starting in the US. Disney is buying a majority stake in tech […]

Instagram expands live-video feature to two people at once

Instagram is adding something to its live-video broadcasting feature: an extra person. The app is testing allowing people to add another Instagram user to their broadcast in split-screen, which could be used for one-to-one video-chats (think FaceTime) or for collaborative broadcasts. “After we launched the first version of Live [last November], we noticed that a […]

Latest Heard Well album tops iTunes charts in south-east Asia

Compilations label Heard Well is topping the charts in south-east Asia with its latest release ‘Litunes’. As with its other albums, this one is curated by an online influencer. Or rather, a pair of them: brother-and-sister duo Ranz Kyle and Nian Guerrero, who make dance videos on YouTube under the name Ranz and Niana. ‘Litunes’ […]

LiveXLive signs up online influencer Amanda Cerny

LiveXLive describes itself as a ‘premium live-music streaming network’ but it’s also making a name for itself working with online influencers. We reported in June about its deal with former Vine star Andrew ‘King Bach’ Bachelor to make an original show for the network, but now it’s expanding its relationship with fellow social star Amanda […]

Brazilian artist Anitta signs with Shots Studios in video deal

Anitta and her team are doing a pretty good job already of building her audience through online videos: The Brazilian singer’s YouTube channel has 5.1 million subscribers and just under 1.7bn views so far. Now she has signed a deal with digital-video agency Shots Studios, which will be managing her and developing more video content. […]

Mobile-video ad-spending tipped to overtake desktop in 2018

The amount of money spent globally on mobile video ads is expected to overtake that spent on desktop video ads next year. The forecast comes from research firm Zenith, which claims that mobile video ad-spending will grow by 49% to just under $18bn in 2018, compared to a 1.5% decline in desktop video ad-spending. The […]

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