Kasabian play Fantasy Football with Spotify stream counts

Kasabian love football: if you didn’t already know the band were keen fans of Leicester City, their recent launch of a branded fashion line for the club made it clear. Now label Sony Music is getting all footbally with the band’s digital marketing too, launching a Kasabian Fantasy Football game for fans to play online. […]

Spotify adds group playlists for Facebook Messenger

Spotify is boosting its integration with Facebook Messenger, two months after launching a ‘chat extension’ for the messaging app. This morning, Spotify has launched a new feature called ‘Group Playlists for Messenger’ which focuses on the collaboration element of streaming playlists. “Users can now create a Group Playlist, share it with their friends, and add […]

Latest Vice Media funding round values company at $5.7bn

The digital video bubble isn’t bursting just yet: Vice Media has raised a new funding round of $450m that values the company at $5.7bn. The latest round comes from a single source, private-equity investor TPG, which you may remember also dived in to Spotify’s $1bn of convertible-debt financing last year. Vice Media, which now runs […]

IDC publishes latest AR / VR headset predictions

It’s been a relatively slow start sales-wise for virtual-reality headsets, let alone augmented-reality devices. However, research firm IDC remains confident that the market for both will grow at a pace in the coming years. The company has published its latest forecasts, predicting that combined AR and VR headset sales will grow from just under 10m […]

Time Warner commits to $100m two-year Snapchat spend

Snap, Inc’s public status means we have much more information on Snapchat’s financials: including heavy net losses of $372.9m in 2015 and $514.6m in 2016 alone. Striking big content and advertising deals with big media companies is a key part of the company’s ambitions to move into profit, with the latest such partnership announced overnight. […]

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