Mixcloud launches subscriptions option for individual creators

Just over a year ago, Nico Perez of streaming service Mixcloud told Music Ally about plans to let DJs, labels, podcasters and other creators charge subscriptions for their channels. Today, the feature is launching. It’s called Mixcloud Select, and will see fans able to pay a monthly fee – set by the channel and starting at […]

Mixcloud’s subs service edges ever closer with UMG deal

Yesterday, Mixcloud announced that it had signed a multi-year direct licensing deal with Universal Music Group. This is not quite a global deal as both China and Japan are currently excluded from the agreement, but the UMG deal does cover recorded music rights and will see its artists remunerated for the use of their music […]

Deadmau5 takes his global mau5trap Radio show to Mixcloud

Dance star Deadmau5 – or as we’ll always think of him, thanks to Kanye West: Dead-Mow-Five – is launching a new, global radio show called mau5trap Radio. In the US, it’ll air every Friday on SiriusXM, as well as on selected radio stations in countries like Australia, Mexico, Russia and Thailand. However, Deadmau5 has done an accompanying deal […]

Mixcloud will use Gracenote’s MusicID to identify tracks

Gracenote has a new customer for its MusicID music-recognition technology: streaming service Mixcloud. The latter is going to start using MusicID to fingerprint music in the 1,000 hours-plus of DJ sets, radio shows and podcasts uploaded to its platform every day. The post Mixcloud will use Gracenote’s MusicID to identify tracks appeared first on Music […]

Mixcloud premium plans include individual creator subscriptions

Mixcloud’s plans for premium subscriptions will include the ability for individual DJs, curators and podcasters on its platform to launch subscriptions for their mixes and shows. The streaming service’s ambitions to move beyond its traditional ad-supported model were revealed earlier this month, when it signed its first direct licensing deal, with Warner Music Group. Since […]

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