Do Facebook licensing deals offer YouTube a ‘free pass’?

User-generated content (UGC) featuring music, specifically on YouTube, continues to be the biggest source of tension between music rightsholders and Google. Yet could we be on the verge of UGC becoming one of the most exciting areas of growth for the industry? Midia Research thinks that Facebook’s music-licensing efforts, which so far focus on UGC, may […]

Spotify ‘super trials’ boost its quarterly subscriber gains

It’s hardly a shock to suggest that Spotify’s $1-for-three-months premium trials increase its subscribers. But Midia Research has calculated how much this boost is worth. “On average, Spotify’s global subscriber base grew by a net total of 2.8 million each quarter between Q4 2015 and Q4 2017 in the quarters that these ‘super trials’ were […]

With 16m music subscribers Amazon is no longer a dark horse

We’ll stress upfront that this isn’t an official announcement from Amazon: the company hasn’t abandoned its policy of keeping its key music stats to itself. Instead, this is an estimate from Midia Research, claiming that with 16 million subscribers across Prime Music and Music Unlimited, Amazon is now the third biggest music-subscription service in the […]

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