Peter Bjorn and John get a ‘3-in-1’ video for new singles

Remember Peter Bjorn and John? Their big hit was ‘Young Folks’ in 2006, and we can only apologise if reading this sentence puts its whistling hook on your internal jukebox for the entire day. They’re still going strong, though, and they’ve done something interesting around their latest music. The band have released three singles from […]

Spotify creates pop-up exhibition for Ariana Grande in New York

From shoppable Snapchat lenses to location-based treasure hunts to ticketing/album bundles, the campaign for Ariana Grande’s latest album ‘Sweetener’ has been pulling out plenty of digital stops. Now it’s doing something else interesting in the real world, backed by Spotify. The streaming service is building an “immersive exhibit” inspired by the album, which will be […]

Sandbox Issue 189: D2C gets cranked up

Lead: D2C started to flex its muscles just as the decline in the traditional CD market began to really bite. Now it is more important that ever as both a revenue driver and a means of ensuring ongoing fan engagement. We look at five of the most interesting D2C offerings recently to understand what they […]

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