Fruit Punch Music promises to be ‘Spotify for kids’

On a recent family road-trip, while skipping the *many* tracks currently in Spotify’s Top 50 chart that have explicit lyrics, we wondered again why the streaming service hasn’t ever offered a ‘radio edits’ mode for child-friendly listening. If streaming services have ambitions to replace broadcast radio, especially in the car, it seems like an obvious […]

Former 7digital boss launches Yoto smart-speaker for kids

Smart speakers like Amazon’s Echo and Google Home are a sensitive subject when it comes to children. While both those companies are encouraging developers to create child-friendly ‘skills’, there are concerns around privacy issues and data storage. Former 7digital CEO Ben Drury is hoping to avoid that with his new venture Yoto: a smart speaker […]

Meet the centennials: SuperAwesome boss talks kids in 2017

The opening session at Music Ally’s Sandbox Summit conference in London today was a keynote by Dylan Collins, the CEO of children’s network SuperAwesome. His focus was on the new generation of consumers (mainly those under the age of 13) and why we need to scrap most – if not all – of our preconceptions […]

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