Royalty Exchange: music is ‘one of the most undervalued asset classes today’

Royalty Exchange was set up in 2011 to act as a broker/marketplace to connect owners of copyrights with private investors looking to buy a share of the future earnings of those copyrights. The company says the model is not about surrendering control of copyrights but rather is based on an earnings-share model. It has just […]

Spotify Earnings: Growth Comes At A Cost

Spotify has published its much anticipated 2016 revenues. Because the company is under so much analytical scrutiny, there is little that is particularly surprising but there is still plenty we can learn from the results: Growth maintains momentum: Spotify recorded revenues of €2.9 billion in 2016, up 51% from €1.9 billion in 2015. Although that […]

Big data, big money : qui profite de l’explosion des données ?

Big data, big money : qui profite de l’explosion des données ?

Est-ce réel ? Bernard Goldbach/Flickr , CC BY Nous en sommes certains : la data va révolutionner le monde, mais qui va vraiment en profiter ? En 2011, la société de conseil Gartner indiquait : « Les informations sont le pétrole du XXI e siècle, et l’analytique en est le moteur à combustion ». Filant […]

Spotify financials reveal €539.2m net loss in 2016

Spotify has published its financial results for 2016, and they reveal that the company’s net loss increased from €231.4m in 2015 to €539.2m ($601.4m) last year. The company’s revenues grew from €1.93bn in 2015 to €2.93bn ($3.27bn) in 2016. So, Spotify’s income grew by just under 52% year-on-year, but its losses increased by 133%. Spotify’s […]

Primephonic launches hi-res classical-music streaming service

The latest company to launch a streaming service for classical music is Primephonic, building on the growth of its existing downloads store. Primephonic’s streaming service launches today in the UK and US, with a catalogue of more than 100k tracks, and licensing deals with Warner Classics and Sony Classical that will swell that total in […]

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