MQA chief Mike Jbara talks hi-res music and streaming evolution

“Up to this point, if you were to summarise the industry’s marketing message around hi-res music, it’s ‘will you pay more for better sound quality?’ That’s a losing marketing message.” This may not be a surprising thing to say, until you realise who’s saying it: Mike Jbara, chief executive of MQA, the British technology company […]

Deezer expands HiFi tier’s availability on Google Home

Thus far, the music aspects for smart speakers have focused on voice-control features, rather than the quality of the audio. Deezer is hoping to drum up more subscribers for its ‘high-fidelity’ Deezer HiFi tier from owners of Google Home smart speakers. It’s offering a deal for Google Home users in the UK, US, Canada, Australia and Germany […]

Hi-res music: ‘The barrier is the understanding of the value of the proposition’

Major labels are very excited about upping the audio quality of music-streaming services, under the banner of ‘hi-res music’. Audio hardware firms are excited too, while some streaming services (Tidal, Deezer and dedicated services like Qobuz for example) have adopted the technology. And music fans? That’s the challenge: as yet there isn’t an obvious surge […]

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