YouTube debuts ‘Artist Spotlight Story’ for Camila Cabello

Last November, YouTube produced a mini-series of behind-the-scenes videos for Camila Cabello, focusing on the production of her ‘Havana’ music video. Now it has revived the partnership for what it’s describing as an ‘Artist Spotlight Story’ – a 17-minute mini-documentary – focusing on Cabello’s journey “from arriving in Miami to topping the global charts”. While […]

YouTube co-produces behind-the-scenes videos for Camila Cabello

Former Fifth Harmony star Camila Cabello is launching some new stuff on YouTube: a series of three ‘behind-the-scenes’ videos based on the actual music video for her single ‘Havana’. The interesting point here: the new videos have been co-produced by YouTube itself with Epic Records. The first episode went live yesterday, with the next two […]

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