Bandcamp opens its own record store in Oakland

Bandcamp has long been the platform for a host of independent artists and labels to sell physical music and merchandise, as well as downloads. Now the company itself is getting a physical manifestation: it has opened a record store in Oakland, California. It’s more than just a shop, though. “We’ll feature a selection of records that […]

Bandcamp to hold fundraiser to protect voting rights in the US

Bandcamp has announced the details for its next day-long fundraiser, which will take place this Friday, seven weeks ahead of the US mid-term elections. The focus this time round is on voting rights, with Bandcamp planning to donate 100% of its share of sales on its site to a program called the Voting Rights Project. “We […]

Bandcamp paid out more than $70m to independent artists in 2017

Direct-to-fan platform Bandcamp has published its annual review of its business, including the stat that its all-time payments to artists are now past the $270m mark. That compares to nearly $200m at the end of 2016, meaning that the $70m+ paid to Bandcamp artists in 2017 represents a quarter of all payouts since the platform […]

Bandcamp launches new app for its artists and labels

Bandcamp has launched a new Android and iOS app, but this one isn’t for its customers, it’s for the artists and labels using the platform to sell their music. “It gives you a real-time mobile view into your stats, helps you manage and fulfil your merch, and lets you directly message your fans, even targeting […]

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