Glassnote switches UMG distribution deal for AWAL partnership

The company whose brand is literally ‘artists without a label’ has revealed that its latest partnership is with… a label! And it’s a deal to send some cats scampering among the pigeons, since AWAL’s new partner Glassnote Music was previously operating through a distribution deal with Universal Music Group. Now it’s switching horses to Kobalt’s […]

Sandbox Issue 208: Making Micro Waves

Lead: In an age of constant digital distractions, sometimes it is better to play the short game. We trace the rise of the micro ad and how it is being tailored to stand out when users are rapidly hopping and grazing across a variety of platforms. Can the “three-second rule” help advertising and marketing make its impact felt in a time of constant distractions? We look […]

Kobalt promises $150m investment for AWAL recordings business

Kobalt is making AWAL the brand for its entire recordings division, while promising to invest $150m and hire 100 more staff to build up that side of the business. Kobalt acquired digital distributor AWAL in 2012, as it prepared to launch its own label-services division. Since then, AWAL has been the entry level for Kobalt’s […]

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