Michael Bublé is the latest artist to get his own Alexa skill

Paloma Faith, then Little Mix, and now Michael Bublé. The Canadian crooner is the latest artist to get his own Alexa skill – a voice-controlled app for Echo smart speakers and other devices using Amazon’s virtual assistant. Fans saying ‘Alexa, open Bublé Daily’ will get access to the skill, which has launched in the UK, […]

Amazon has now sold more than 100m Alexa-capable devices

Amazon has revealed a new figure for its Alexa voice-assistant: the company says that more than 100m devices with Alexa pre-installed have been sold. The number was revealed in an interview by The Verge with Amazon’s SVP of devices and services Dave Limp. As far as we can make out (it’s not stated explicitly) the figure relates […]

Amazon Alexa gets even more conversational about music

Q4 may not be quite as intense a period for many people in the music industry as it used to be in the physical era, given the fact that an album released early in the year (or in Ed Sheeran’s case, early in the previous year) can still be streaming up a storm in December. […]

Next for Alexa: more headphones and newscaster speaking voice

Amazon’s drive to get its Alexa voice-assistant onto as many devices as possible, while improving its features, continues. The company has opened up its ‘mobile accessory kit’ for Alexa, which will help Bluetooth devices (headphones, particularly) to connect with the Alexa smartphone app. Meanwhile, tech firm Qualcomm has unveiled a reference design for a $299 […]

Amazon Alexa gets artist notifications… and a Little Mix AAA skill

Spotify’s Release Radar and Apple Music’s New Music Mix are high in the minds of music marketers in 2018. They’re figuring out what ‘signals’ (for example: following an artist’s profile and saving their music to your collection) have an impact on the recommendation algorithms for those playlists, and trying to drive fans to do those […]

Report claims eight new Amazon Alexa devices to launch before Christmas

2018 has seen an explosion in new devices NOT made by Amazon or Google, but which use those companies’ voice assistants – Alexa and Google Assistant respectively. The post Report claims eight new Amazon Alexa devices to launch before Christmas appeared first on Music Ally. Source: Music ally

Amazon Music: ‘We’re in a leadership position everywhere’

Amazon’s music boss Steve Boom has been talking about the company’s growth in music-streaming, amid its new marketing campaign that focuses on ‘voice’ – both in singing and Alexa voice-control terms. The post Amazon Music: ‘We’re in a leadership position everywhere’ appeared first on Music Ally. Source: Music ally

Alexa in the spotlight over sharing of private conversation

When privacy campaigners express concerns about the rise of smart speakers, the suggestion that big-tech firms are ‘listening in’ (and, indeed, potentially recording) private conversations is often raised as a worry. A story yesterdayabout an Echo recording a conversation between a husband and wife and then sending the audio to someone in their contacts list will […]

DeepMusic Alexa skill serves up AI-generated songs

Amid all the industry conversation about how smart speakers will affect the way people listen to music, the assumption has been that the music in question will be made by humans. Here’s a new Alexa skill to make you think, though. It’s called DeepMusic, and has just launched for Alexa-powered devices like the Echo speakers. […]

Amazon Alexa gets new music-playlist creation features

Amazon hasn’t made a big deal of its latest smart-speaker feature, but it’s an extremely interesting development for anyone who’s been thinking about how playlists evolve in a world of voice control. Users – initially on Prime Music and Amazon Music Unlimited in the US, we think – can now say commands like ‘Alexa, create […]

Amazon launches Echo devices and Alexa in Japan

Amazon is continuing its slow-but-steady global rollout of its Echo smart speakers and Alexa voice assistant. Having launched the devices in India in October, now they’re debuting in a major music market: Japan. The Echo, Echo Dot and Echo Plus speakers are available to pre-order today, and will ship to Japanese customers next week. Meanwhile, […]

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